Pelosi’s Capitol security: $100 million for officers, more walls to keep out 75 million white supremacists


Speaker Pelosi’s Capitol security plans recommend adding more fencing around the building, as well as more than 1,000 Capitol Police officers, two sources with direct knowledge of the findings told CNN.

This is ridiculous.

Unhinged retired Lt. General Russel Honoré is reviewing security around the Capitol after the January 6th riot.

Pelosi had said Honoré’s review was to focus on “security infrastructure, interagency processes and procedures, and command and control.”


The additional 1,000 personnel, which could cost nearly $100 million, would include roughly 350 officers and expanded staffing in regional offices for when lawmakers are at home, one of the sources told CNN.

The network reported that the recommendations also include establishing a quick reaction force composed of a National Guard military police battalion that’s on standby in Washington full-time.

Pelosi and Honoré want to give the impression that the Capitol is under siege by 75 million Trump supporters.

All Pelosi had to do was have adequate staffing on January 6, but she chose not to do that.


And the report advises long-term security changes to perimeter security, including building an integrated system of walls and fences around the complex.

No walls on the border, just around the Capitol to keep Americans out.

Capitol Police officials have reportedly called for the current 7-foot-tall security fence that was erected after the Jan. 6 insurrection to be in place until September. This came after acting U.S. Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman recommended the fencing be left in place permanently, which garnered bipartisan backlash.

She claims the rioters wanted to kill Joe Biden.

Pittman told lawmakers on Thursday that the security measures were “not popular,” but said that they will have to remain while Congress faces security threats. She’s nuts too.

What a crock.

According to a new poll, the biggest concern of Democrats is white supremacists. How stupid are these people?



  1. Never mind the moves by the BRICS block, $30 trillion in debt, economy hanging by a thread due to the cure being worse than the disease, China taking over sea lanes, division and strife on an 1860 level.
    Muh security. The self appointed masters of the universe don’t sound too confident to me.
    Why it’s almost as if the most free and fair (s)election evarz really isn’t all that popular.
    El Gran General adds just the right banana republic touch but he needs a sporty Hugo Boss fashion upgrade or at least some Red Dawn wardrobe attachments.

    • Fascism is the love of nation and kith and kin. As such it does not allow business to put greed ahead of the good of the nation. This is truly what fascism is and the communists have done a great job conflating it with communism.

      Fascism is the answer to what is wrong and you are a leftist through and through if you ever use the word fascist in a negative light again.

      • Absolute truth. They have been at this for awhile now. The real winners of WWII have been planning this for years. It’s been said “if you can get an American communist regime in power it will truly open the door for a totalitarian world government.”

    • So, EVERY SINGLE American who voted for Trump is a white supremacist? Do these effing idiots realize even if that were remotely possibly true, thats alot of non-whites who are white supremacists.

      • You have a real valid point there, iamgman, and I agree 100%. So, every single American such as myself who voted for DJT is a white supremacist?? Do these effing idiots realize even if that were remotely possibly true, that’s a whole lot of non-whites who are white supremacists .. That makes no sense at all, and I know you agree on that. Alcoholic/nasty Nancy Pelosi and her effing Senate leader Chuckie Schumer are both absolute idiots who need to be replaced by those who respect this nation and its people. The US Capitol belongs to We the People, not the politicians who only have their offices within its walls.

  2. This is like bazzarro world and Princess Pelosi need to seek some professional therepy and now she has some radical retired Gen planning security. She wants to make sure all these arrogant self important do nothing politicians are protected but allow the southern borders wide open for the gang bangers and terrorists to flood our country. They should concern themselves with their own militia of ANTIFA and BLM who in my opinion are home grown terrorists.

  3. President Washington chose the Washington DC location because in his time it was a virtually indefensible location. He wanted a seat of Government that was easy to take over by State Militias if the Federal Government got out of line. I’m not for the January 6th riot siege, but a march on DC by a majority of State Militias and National Guard is the right of the States. We have the right to dissolve the Federal Government if it no longer serves the People. Hopefully, an Article 5 Convention can resolve the problem without blood shed.

  4. You people are not getting it. Pelosi and the rest of the Flim Flam in DC are better then us. They are smarter and simply know what’s best for us. They need protection, If you told as many lies as these Jokers tell you would need protection as well. But, keep in mind, their lies are for our own good. Now, sit back, stop worrying, and enjoy the show.

  5. Considering what the dems say and think and act, against white people, anyone who is white and supports this party must be bat shit crazy. They are dooming themselves, their friends and family.

  6. All of this security is for something that has yet to happen. They are going to create a false flag even to large it will rival 911. And it will be blamed on? take a guess? Trump supporters. Then they can come after us.

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