Antifa/BLM threaten to “behead” random group, warn they’re “gang members”


Antifa and BLM rioted in Portland last night like they do every night. They put a man in a wheelchair upfront just like ISIS would do, using him as a human shield. Some random men, self-described ‘peacekeepers,’ showed up to the usual vicious reception. They seemed to just want to talk to the antifa/BLM lunatics.

Antifa/BLM screamed, cursed, called them Nazis and Fascists, but they had no clue who they were except for their t-shirts which said, ‘FREEDOM FIGHTERS’ and ‘AMERICAN WOLF.’ Those are names that trigger, although they don’t need a trigger.

They threatened to behead the freedom fighters. They also warned they were “gang members.”

The random guys left in a limo as antifa/BLM threw bottles and other projectiles at them.

Police suffered through abuse all night long until they finally declared a riot. Police are restrained by the politicians’ mandates.

American Wolf has a youtube channel and you can watch their intro video below.

They threatened to behead some random guys called ‘American Wolf’ — the group just showed up. According to Yahoo, they are self-described peacekeepers of the Pacific Northwest. If so, they will need a lot more men and they need to be armed.

They threatened to behead this woman, just as ISIS would:

Antifa/BLM claimed — believably — that they are gang members [even in Ferguson, NYC, elsewhere, gangs are incorporated into these ‘protest’ groups:

They chanted about burning the precinct down, along with every city, every town. And they’re serious:

These random men had the lettering, ‘Freedom Fighter’ and ‘American Wolf,’ emblazoned across their shirts. AntifaBLM called them ‘Nazis’ and ‘Fascists.’

Notice the communist ACLU ‘observers.’ They are there for the rioters. Antifa/BLM shone lasers into the eyes of the men. Lasers recently blinded three federal officers.

As the men left, antifa/BLM threw projectiles at them.

Antifa/BLM assaulted police all night long:

Police finally declare a riot and take them down:

It was nice seeing this guy go down:


The left and the media call them white supremacists but they don’t sound like it. The head guy is named Diaz. That’s not your usual white supremacist name.

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