Antifa Civil War Flops


Lots of unused signs

The much-publicize Antifa protests to take down President Trump and Vice President Pence have flopped. Left-wing action group Refuse Fascism organized a series of non-violent anti-Trump protests in 20 cities across the United States, including in Honolulu, in a bid to unseat Donald Trump. They went off without much happening. Refuse Fascism and Antifa work together.

Antifa’s civil war never happened.

Independent reporter Tim Pool posted this photo of the promised “Antifa apocalypse”.

A few hundred protesters calling on President Trump to resign took to the streets of Manhattan on Saturday for a rally in Times Square in a bid to force the commander-in-chief from office.

Co-organizer Luis Barrios, 65, said: “One of the things we say is we need to make a wake up call.

“It’s possible to drive this regime out. That’s what we’re doing, educating people, mobilizing people and bringing hope back.”

They’re like gnats, annoying fleas on a mongrel’s behind. All they are is noise by useful idiots working for the leftists.

Now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stopped the flow of money to these groups, expect the attendance to be radically lower than it has been.

Reports suggest the leftists were outnumbered by the pro-America protesters.

Antifa are merely American terrorists.

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