Antifa Meet Justice in Huntington Beach California


Brawls broke out in Huntington Beach, California yesterday during the pro-Trump rallies of about 2,000 supporters.

Jennifer Sterling, one of the event organizers, was pepper sprayed by a violent leftist Soros-funded antifa thug though antifas knew this was a peaceful march. Some of the protesters were burqa-clad.

They pick on the elderly and women while in disguise. They’re great at destroying property also.

A 64-year old man was interviewed and said that he had never been to a protest or a march in his life. He was holding an American flag when a fascist thug punched him in the face for no reason, he said.

In this tweet, you see a man twice the age of the antifa chasing him after the antifa attacked the Trump supporters. The antifa was screaming as he ran.

The media keeps reporting that Trump supporters are violent but videos tell a different story. The Trump supporters have, however, had enough, and they are fighting back.

In this next video, the antifa (anti-fascists who are actually fascists) pepper spray their victim and then regret it.

Here is what really happened.

Six have been arrested and four are facing felony charges according to Channel 11 News.

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