Antifa Terrorist Groups Threaten to Stab Republicans


When is Antifa going to be declared a terrorist group and outlawed?

April 29th was the day Portland’s 11th annual Avenue of Roses Parade was to take place. It had to be canceled, however, because Antifa threatened to kill Republicans – well, to be accurate, stab them.

Republicans and Trump supporters said they would attend which brought out the Antifa (anti-fascist fascists). They were planning a “Defend Portland from Fascists at the Avenue Of Roses Parade.”

Facebook advertised it because we know how careful they are about what news goes up on their pages.

It was driven by the “Direct Action Alliance”.

This is their charming banner because “nazis will not march through our city.”

There’s no greater hate than that spewed by Antifa but they seem unaware of that.

They also have kill Trump posters.

There is also a heavy police presence in Berkeley as Antifa lodges threats should Ann Coulter show up. Miss Coulter will not be speaking but said she might go to the campus anyway.

She had to back out of speaking when YAF, her sponsor checked out.

Independent journalists fighting for free speech will be in Berkeley reading from her speech regardless.

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