Antifa statue purging ends in a shooting in Albuquerque (Videos)


Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate

An Antifa ‘protester,’ a vandal in a mob of Antifa, was shot and is allegedly seriously injured. Only one side of the story is told in the media. This article offers the other side of the story from an eyewitness interviewed by Michelle Malkin (below).


One person was shot and seriously wounded in Albuquerque, N.M. as radical, vandals, labeled ‘protesters’ by the media, sought to topple a statue of Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate. They were armed with axes, baseball bats, knives, and more.

The shooting was in Tiguex Park, Albuquerque last night but the media is pushing a false narrative already. They claim that white supremacists grew violent.

The left claims the counter-protesters were white supremacists, but Michelle Malkin spoke with one of those so-called ‘counter-protesters,’ a 14th generation Mexican-Native-American. She reviewed the history, and what happened last evening because only Antifa’s side of the story is told in the media.

It was obviously not going to be peaceful, Dem officials didn’t care!

An event was advertised as a non-peaceful event at an Albuquerque museum and it was done in conjunction with the Tiguex Park event. Tiguex Park was advertised as a prayer event.

Several people called the mayors office and asked for police protection, but they never came.

The invaders planned to take down historical statues that have been up since at least the mid-’90s. They tell the story of the history of the area. They were paid for with tax dollars.

A witness, Esther Rivera, spoke with Michelle Malkin and told her what she witnessed. She said she never heard of the Civil Guard before last night. They were there to protect people from the mob and she was there to pray for peace and the preservation of our historical art, as were most people.

She explained that taking down statues and burning books is fascism. Both this witness and Michelle Malkin describe themselves as peaceful preservationists.

The well-armed mob was trying to knock the statue off the base. An organizer was revving up the mob to become more aggressive. The witness was pushed as well as the peaceful preservationists — by the Antifa. The organizer was leading the violence and keeping them riled up.

The shooting

While the witness — Mrs. Rivera — prayed, the mob had descended. The violent group arrived. They were angry she was praying and started shoving her. She was with a Native-American healer. The armed Civil Guard also came and she thought they were police.

As an aside,  there were no police around, just the Civil Guard. When anarchy reigns, it is civilians who will come to protect the statues and the people, Ms. Malkin explained during the interview. The mayor was called but did nothing.

After the witness was pushed, and they stole her phone, Antifa left her alone and threatened a man who they decided was a police officer for some reason.

The raging lunatics started to mob the man — the alleged shooter — who they thought was a cop. “He’s a cop, he’s a cop,” they screamed. People told them he wasn’t, but they insisted he was a cop.

He shot into the crowd as they descended upon him. SWAT finally arrived.


The Civil Guard members are being blamed and are under arrest for defending people and statues. The officials who didn’t protect the statues or the people who went to pray, are attacking the Guard and are fine with the radical Antifa.

I don’t know who the Civil Guard are except they appear to be a militia.

In a statement, New Mexico’s Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham acknowledged that “we are still learning more about the situation,” but said, “the heavily armed individuals who flaunted themselves at the protest, calling themselves a ‘civil guard,’ were there for one reason: To menace protesters, to present an unsanctioned show of unregulated force.”

U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, a Democrat, called for a Justice Department probe into the shooting.

Esther’s story conflicts with what the governor is saying.

The purge of our history is backed by Democrats in blue cities. It’s time to speak up as Esther is doing.




Troublemakers are driving the narrative. Anti-2nd Amendment radical Shannon Watts is managing to blame the right for what her side is doing. And the purge continues:

Update: Fox News told a completely different story and claimed the man who shot into the crowd was agitating. There was also no mention of Antifa.

The mayor is going to move the statue anyway because he said it’s too dangerous and presents a public safety issue.

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3 years ago

The article is misleading as can be. The man who fired the shots was previously attacked with a skateboard. A clear sign of self-defense.

The answer to problems is Now to send social workers for domestic abuse? Does this idiot mayor have ANNY damn idea how often these calls result in deadly encounters? Is THAT what he wants social workers to be confronted with? He’s an idiot, plain and simple.

3 years ago

Sooner or later this had to happen. Good decent law abiding citizens can only take so much threats, abuse, burning, looting, assaults and destruction of businesses and private and public property. Once this fascist cancer understands that physical force will be met with a greater physical force, only then will these typical cowards and bullies back off.