President signs executive order on policing with law enforcement at the signing (video)


President Trump offered sympathy for those black families who lost loved ones in police shootings. He praised the police who are overwhelmingly good people and courageous, reminding us of all those who died in 9/11. He spoke of other officers who died in the line of duty in one of the most difficult jobs on earth.

President Trump emphasized the sacrifice of the hundreds of officers injured and mentioned the paralysis of one officer shot in the head during the riots.

Mr. Trump added that there will be no more looting and riots.

He also went over the stunning statistics of police arrests to keep the peace.

The key elements are as described yesterday:

  • The plan includes police training as part of a national licensing program.
  • Chokeholds will be banned except if the officer’s life is in danger. Neck restraints or carotoid restraint were not banned.
  • They will look at less-lethal weapons.
  • Officers with significant discipline issues will not simply be transferred to other departments.
  • Help for those with substance abuse and other mental abuse problems.
  • And social workers will work with police (terrible idea, but hopefully I am wrong about that)

There are more ideas under consideration. This executive order is the first step.

The President reviewed his successes and the misery of the Chinese Communist Party virus from Wuhan, China. He spoke optimistically of our economic future, noting the successes in the stock market and in the rise of sales this past month. He also spoke about the need for school choice.

The signing took place with law officers who agreed with the EO:

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3 years ago

The article is misleading as can be. The man who fired the shots was previously attacked with a skateboard. A clear sign of self-defense.

The answer to problems is Now to send social workers for domestic abuse? Does this idiot mayor have ANNY damn idea how often these calls result in deadly encounters? Is THAT what he wants social workers to be confronted with? He’s an idiot, plain and simple.

3 years ago

Here’s where many problems arise. In a city of around 40,000 there were 223 seat belt violations in 65 hours of enforcement. This is a “Federally Mandated” program with ‘funding’ To the states. How many poor are cited with the excuse, “It’s for your safety”, and struggle to make payments. There are many other “traps” that are solely to collect revenue. In one trap I was cited for making a right turn and entering the inside lane. Fines and court costs are not cheap and it hits the poor black communities the hardest. Because of low property taxes it becomes necessary to find other funding venues. Police enforcement of city codes is the primary way to accomplish that. THIS is why Ferguson erupted. So long as cities want to increase their budgets there will always be these problems. Don’t get me started in the Millions collected in permits etc.

3 years ago

One step closer to nationalizing local police forces. Are we really going to have a ‘social worker’ going on a police run, unarmed I assume. Now the police will have to take precautions with a possible deadly encounter along with trying to protect a bystander. It doesn’t appear the social worker will be trained in any tactical maneuvers, so what are the odds they could end up being taken hostage. This is just wrong and stupid on So Many levels. Are they expecting to go on ‘snowflake patrol’.

Are social workers ‘really’ the answer IN the black communities. Ask black parents in California. It got so bad they even renamed the CPS department. It was nothing more than a forced adoption mill instituted By the state in order to gain additional Federal funds. Oh, Federal money. See the problem here. This is undoubtedly the dumbest idea ever imagined.