“Antisemitism” includes hating Arabs, 93 percent of whom are Muslim


The term Antisemitism currently means hating Jews specifically and Israel by extension. It’s used to promote acts of violence against Jews. But those who use that term and advocate violence do it in ignorance.


“Semite” is the term for an ethnic, cultural, or racial group of people of the Middle East and North Africa. Rooted in the Biblical name for a son of Noah, Shem is traditionally thought to be the direct ancestor of Jews and Arabs. In other words, Semites include Arabs, about 93 percent of whom are Muslim.

Semites include the ancient Phoenicians, now in modern-day Lebanon, Syria, and Israel. Phoenicians were a Western Semitic ethnicity closely related to other ethnicities that formed in Canaan, like the Hebrews (now called Israelites). Its Semitic languages includes Hebrew and Aramaic. Aramaic is one of the oldest continuously spoken languages in the world and most closely related to Hebrew. Interestingly enough, both languages are written from right to left.

Also included as Semites are the Akkadians in modern-day Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, and Syria. In fact, the Akkadian Empire originally stretched from the Persian Gulf through Asia Minor all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. As one of the first empires in world history, it existed for about 1,000 years starting around 2330 BC. Its language is also closely related to Hebrew and Arabic.

Do you see the connection?


Protests across American college campuses are replete with anti-Semitic signs and banners. Students and agitators yell anti-Semitic slogans and chants. They are ostensibly protesting Israel’s response to the deadly attack by Hamas last October. But they disregard the unprovoked attack that killed more than 1,600 Israeli men, women, and children who were mostly civilians. Not to mention the atrocities committed by Hamas and the hundreds of people captured and still held as hostages.

Ignorant protestors have no clue what they are really protesting against. They are part of the herd mentality in which people in a group think or behave in ways that conform with others in that group. In other words, these protestors are people who can’t think for themselves.

They don’t know that since Israel was established in 1948, the country has been attacked nine times. Just since 2008, five of those attacks came from Hamas. Is it any wonder that Israel is defending itself so strenuously? Israel is fighting for its very existence.

Besides being pawns, the students are uneducated. That’s unfortunate considering tuition at Columbia University is $65,000 per year! Ask the average college student protestor when Israel became a country (May 14, 1948). Or what Hamas means (it’s an acronym, by the way, for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya). How about where Hamas gets its support (Iran, of course). If they’re anti-Semitic, doesn’t that mean they also hate Arabs and by extension, Muslims (oops!). Finally, ask why they hide their faces (they want their parents to continue paying their tuition!).


Who else but college students could afford to hang around all day and not have to worry about working? Where else but college campuses could they find expansive grassy areas to set up encampments? What better way to spend nice spring days having Woodstock-style gatherings instead of studying for final exams? Why not show your complete and utter contempt for the America that afforded you every freedom and luxury in life in a safe and secure environment?

Where else but in America? Let these elite and totally useless college students go to just about any foreign country in the world and do there what they are doing here. See where that gets them.

Let’s see how long they would last under the many tyrannical and oppressive regimes that flourish unchecked around the world. Try going to an Arab (Semite and mostly Muslim) country and protest the government there. They’ll quickly come home crying with their proverbial tails between their collective legs. They will find out that with freedom comes responsibility. That’s a character trait that’s sorely lacking on today’s college campuses.

Image from: timesofisrael.com

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