CNN Poll Is Awful, Terrible Bad News for the Biden Camp


A CNN poll today showed that Trump beats Biden in a two-way race 49% to 43%. The poll has a 3.4% margin of error for the full sample and 3.8% for registered voters. These polls are despite the entire media and lawfare organizers attacking President Trump 24/7.

If I turn the radio on at 1 a.m., there is someone bashing Trump.

President Trump leads Biden 49% to 43% in a two-way race and 42% to 33% with third-party candidates.

Who are these 39%???

A clear majority of 55% say the Trump presidency was a success; 39% say the Biden presidency is a success.

They polled nearly 1,000 people online and by phone. Online/phone polls are not the best, but they are good as a general measure.

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