Anyone Can Apply for Asylum Online, then Fly to Any US Airport?


GOP Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma revealed that the Biden administration allows people from all over the world to sign up for U.S. asylum online and then fly into any U.S. airport.

They get to stay for eight years until their case is heard, and what politician would deport them after that length of time?

We don’t have a country, and too few in power seem to care.

The Biden Admin is currently facilitating illegal immigration, not stopping illegal immigration—& the cartels are making $153 million a week off of these policies.

~ Sen. James Lankford

On Wednesday, Lankford told the press that the administration is helping to increase the numbers of anonymous people flooding into the country from anywhere in the world.

 “They’re not just tracking the number of people crossing; they’re tracking the efficiency of how they cross,” Lankford said.

“They don’t want crowds,” the Oklahoma politician said. “They’re not trying to reduce the number of people; they’re trying to reduce the optics of the number of people.”

Lankford then explained that Biden’s administration has a new secret plan to help hordes of humanity invade the United States.

DHS has a new strategy to allow anyone worldwide to sign up for asylum online and then fly into any US airport.

“It is clear this administration not only doesn’t want to stop illegal immigration, but they’re also trying to accelerate this. They’re not working to stop it. They’re working to make it more efficient,” he declared.

We don’t really have a country now, do we?


The hard left in this country is pushing hard on open borders.

Biden could care less about the flood of drugs.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

It’s the reason why airlines have cancelled multitudes of domestic flights from Americans, falsely claiming “weather problems” and “staff shortage”. Not true. Flights were cancelled for Americans to transport Joe Biden’s throngs of illegals across the country, filmed and documented including non-stop overhead air travel and constant noise all day and through late-night from passenger jets.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

A few years ago, when Trump was trying to secure the border, he got no support from Lankford, all he got from Lankford were attacks.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

They WILL destroy the Republic BEFORE November 2022…and maybe cover it with COVID like 2020…this time the SIXTH wave….and of course there’s the Damocles sword of the Ukraine hanging in the balance, just in case…and the MSM is in full attack with the imbecilic Jan 6th deflection…Lest we forget…one of the “frauds’ ” FIRST order of business was to give amnesty to antifa = Hitler’s Brown Shirts and blm (BurnLootMurder)= Mao’s Red Guards….