AOC & Allies Rip Biden’s Plan for Minimal Control of the Border


AOC and progressive Democrats ripped Biden’s very minimal effort at controlling the border. Senator Booker compared migrants being deported under Title 42 to Jews fleeing the Holocaust. The difference, of course, is Jews were actual asylum seekers, and the migrants are mostly comprised of opportunists, terrorists, criminals, some good people, and people who would go right on welfare. There are few asylum seekers in the millions pouring across our border.

AOC falsely stated that Biden “is making it effectively impossible to seek refuge at our border.”

Since the border is open, we don’t know what she’s talking about. AOC – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -said further that “doing better than Trump shouldn’t be the bar.”

A group of nearly 80 so-called American lawmakers sent a letter to President Biden condemning his expansion of the use of the pandemic-era expulsion policy known as Title 42, as well as implementing new bans on asylum-seekers.

We had over 320,000 come in illegally last month, counting gotaways, and we haven’t a clue as to who any of these people are. We do know they will forever change America, and we might not like what it becomes. In any case, we had no say.

The effort was led by Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker as well as Representative Ocasio-Cortez. She told people we could call her AOC. Tucker calls her Sandy Cortez, which is how she was known in school.

A group of more than a half dozen Democrats took turns speaking about border policies at the anti-Title 42 press conference and vowed to “hold Biden accountable.”

“We recognize that the United States is experiencing a difficult migration challenge at the southern border,” said Menendez. “We recognize that President Trump made a top priority to dismantle border and asylum processing as we know it.”

President Trump dismantled nothing. That’s what they did. Menendez’s idea of asylum is to let everyone come in and pretend they’re asylum seekers.

The press conference came weeks after Biden announced new policies for the border, including expanding title 42 and requiring migrants from certain communist countries – Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua – to apply for asylum with a cellphone app before making the trek by plane or through a legal land or sea port of entry.

Illegal aliens are already pouring in using the app. It has not stopped the flow of migration.

We have a crisis at the border with sex traffickers and drug dealers pouring in and taking over our cities. Democrats insist on more of it and no borders whatsoever. They know they are getting away with it. They reject even the most minimal control.

Meanwhile, internal DHS documents show Border Patrol agents are under physical assault. This will keep getting worse. The emails, obtained by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project expose the chaos at the border.

This woman and her allied Democrats are enemies of the people and of this country.

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1 year ago

Democrat Politicians don’t know what to do since recent Polls indicate they only have 22% support for Biden’s Border Policy and the vast majority of Americans what Border Security and Illegal Aliens Deported. And who are the 22% of Morons; Illegal Aliens who are already here?

Americans are starting to figure out that Illegal Aliens are the Ghost Voters in America that the Democrats use to Steal Elections. By giving Illegal Aliens a driver’s license, these Illegal Aliens end up on voter rolls via Motor Voter and their “ballots” are being used to Steal Elections. We must have in person, single day voting, with ID, if we are get America back without Civil War.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Anyway you can send her, Booker et al to the front lines in the Ukraine…cannon fodder???