AOC Blames States With Pipelines for Murders of Black & Indian Women


More blacks and Indians die around oil drilling according to AOC. During a congressional hearing, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (AOC) claimed “fossil fuel extraction” is linked to the kidnapping, rape, and murder of American Indian women and black people. She also said that STATES with pipelines account for 10% more rapes and murders of black and indigenous women.

Her claim includes missing people from black and indigenous communities. If they’re missing, how do we know?

She posed a question to her witness Angel Charley of the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women. “Why is it that oil, gas, and fossil fuel extraction sites have such a high correlation of violence and abduction against Native women?”

Angel Charley claimed the industry creates “man camps” near Native lands. Without evidence, he said it increases violence against their women.

White men are evil?


Then she quoted the ACLU as saying 10% of the cases of the kidnapped and murdered are in states with pipelines.

Just Proposing It Is Enough

“The ACLU of North Dakota also reported that 411 missing murdered, and indigenous people were kidnapped or murdered in states with pipeline projects and that 10% of these cases occurred in counties where the Keystone Pipeline alone is proposed to be built.”

Okay, then. Even if it’s only PROPOSED, it causes rapes and murders.

There are times when the angry leftists attack pipelines and the police protect the pipelines as well as the people working on them. Ocasio-Cortez can’t understand why local police officers would “protect their extraction sites” from such protests, “even when workers are raping and killing indigenous women.”

Again, there’s no evidence of that. She presented no evidence of that. Will no one demand she show proof? Angel Charley and fake stats from the ND ACLU don’t cut it.


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