AOC Condemns America When Asked About Dictator Maduro


Comrade Alexandria Cortez was asked about her views on Democratic Socialist/Dictator Nicolas Maduro. She had nothing much to say about Maduro, but she did condemn Elliott Abrams, our negotiator, and she condemned America for interfering and trying to help Juan Guaido.

It’s not only the United States encouraging Maduro to give up. We have a multi-nation coailition trying to convince Maduro to give up the ghost.

No one asked AOC’s opinion of the USA, just if she’d condemn Maduro.

Juan Guaido is not conservative or even right-wing, but he will not be a dictator. The military is still behind Maduro at this point, and he’s not going anywhere for the moment.

The people in Venezuela are starving but she chose to not talk about that. Children are dying from illness and starvation. There is no medical care at this point. The people live without even the basics. But what is she worried about? That we might help Guaido!

She and Bernie have the same hard-left views.


This is a little off topic but it’s about Comrade Cortez.

Claiming there’s been presidential misconduct and that she was always for impeachment, Comrade Cortez told the media that leadership wants more evidence before they move onto impeachment.

“I understand that [Democratic] leadership perhaps may want to build a stronger case and subpoena more records or figure out what’s happening, perhaps in the Mueller investigation,” Ocasio-Cortez said, NTK Network reported.

Usually, you have the evidence before you impeach, but not with Democrats and AOC.

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