Sleazy WH official threatened to “destroy” a Politico reporter, got a week suspension


TJ Ducklo is an oily  White House official who threatened and sexually harassed a Politico reporter for wanting to report on his relationship with an Axios reporter.

All he got for that was a week without pay.

Variety reports that Ducklo issued threats and used derogatory language to another reporter pursuing the story of a romance between TJ Ducklo and an Axios reporter, according to two sources familiar with the incident.

Ducklo-friendly People magazine revealed that White House Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo is dating Axios political reporter Alexi McCammond, who covered the Joe Biden campaign.

Privately, Ducklo had lashed out at Politico reporter Tara Palmeri, who was reporting the story, exhibiting behavior that led to tense meetings between the Washington news outlet’s editors and senior White House officials.

After Vanity Fair published this account, the White House announced that Ducklo would be suspended for one week.

Ducklo approached Palmeri after she contacted McCammond, and told her, “I will destroy you,” and he promised to ruin her reputation if she published it.

During the off-the-record call, Ducklo said she was “jealous” that an unidentified man in the past had “wanted to fuck” McCammond “and not you.” Ducklo also accused Palmeri of being “jealous” of his relationship with McCammond. (Palmeri had no prior relationship or communication with McCammond before calling her.)

That led to Politico calling the White House.

Senior-level officials on January 21, including White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield, and Biden senior adviser Anita Dunn were upset the phone call was leaked.

They were upset with the victim for telling on this thug.

The White House put out this statement on Ducklo:

 “TJ Ducklo has apologized to the reporter, with whom he had a heated conversation about his personal life. He is the first to acknowledge this is not the standard of behavior set out by the President. In addition to his initial apology, he has sent the reporter a personal note expressing his profound regret. With the approval of the White House Chief of Staff, he has been placed on a one-week suspension without pay. In addition, when he returns, he will no longer be assigned to work with any reporters at Politico.”

Oh, okay then. The White House that pretends to care about women doesn’t care about women. Imagine if DJT did this.

The sleazy Ducklo sat for an interview with Bret Baier and wouldn’t answer a single question:

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