AOC Lies to her 13 Million Followers About SCOTUS – “Weaponized Stupidity”


Alexandria O-Cortez (AOC) is described as “toxic” and “malicious” by her critics. That’s because she has a penchant for lying or speaking without knowledge to harm her opponents. She also thinks it’s fine to harass a Supreme Court Justice. Would she feel that way if it was Sonia Sotomayor?

The Supreme Court decision does not ban abortion nor does it ban treating or operating on women with ectopic pregnancies. Yet, AOC told her 13 million followers that the Supreme Court essentially banned it.

Abortion is not the solution for ectopic pregnancies. Usually, medication ends the ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy takes place outside the uterus. It’s a life-threatening and necessary surgery if the treatment doesn’t work. No state bans it.

AOC is lying.

As Allie Beth Stockley said, “AOC is one of the most toxic people in power, partly because she is malicious and partly because she is unintelligent. Weaponized stupidity is a dangerous tool.”

The lying Rep. has 13 million followers and 107,000 people liked her lie.

Politico Playbook lied in their own way.

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