Biden-Funded Crack Pipes and a Drug Injection Center Across from a Preschool


report by the Daily Caller found that Biden-funded (taxpayer-funded) crack pipes are being handed out at a clinic in New York City right across the street from a preschool. But…but…how can this be? Jen Psaki was angry when asked about it and insisted it was not true.

NYHRE crack pipe condom kit funded by US taxpayers

A “harm reduction” clinic (NYHRE) that received grant funding from President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is distributing crack pipes to addicts in New York City, the Daily Caller confirmed Wednesday.

Crack pipes and a drug injection site across from a baby school! This is the new Democrat Party.

New York Harm Reduction Educators (NYHRE), a part of OnPointNYC, was awarded nearly $400,000 in grant money from the Biden administration in May to further its services for drug addicts, government records show. Biden officials denied reports that the grant money could fund the distribution of crack pipes, but a visit to NYHRE’s office revealed that the organization still offers smoking paraphernalia to addicts.

It includes a safe injection site and clean equipment.

A reporter from the Daily Caller went to NYHRE. Two reporters received “a crack pipe, condoms, and lubricant” after filling out some paperwork.

When they entered the back room, the reporters witnessed “individuals smoking and injecting various substances.”

This clinic is located right across the street from the Echo Park Children and Family Center. There are 3 and 4-year-old children in the facility. Drug use right across the street from a preschool.

According to the New York Post, local parents have expressed outrage.

Let’s not forget Psaki’s denial. These people just lie and lie.

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