AOC smears ordinary Americans rallying for 2nd Amendment rights in VA


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the communist-Democrat star of the party, smeared average Americans who rallied for their Second Amendment rights today in the Virginia Capitol. There were no incidents despite all the fear-mongering by the left.

Her big complaint was there weren’t enough police and she wanted to see them in riot gear. What she doesn’t seem to realize is ordinary Americans don’t need riot police. It’s her communist and socialist comrades who need riot police when they ‘protest.’

Mercy me, where would you start to straighten out her thinking?

I didn’t see one Confederate flag. A lot of people see them as showing respect for the soldiers and not as a symbol of racism.

As for the guns, they are allowed to carry semiautomatic weapons in Virginia and that’s the right they are fighting to keep.

Who is this little wench to stifle Second Amendment rights? Her arrogance is stunning.


To a communist like AOC, the far-left Democrat Party is too conservative. Her mind is a marvel to behold. Love how she misquotes Dr. King.


The Democrat star was chopping off heads in France in her past life. She is lying to the audience who cheer her hatred and misinformation about the rich. She has no clue what slavery is and if she doesn’t think black and brown people make enough, she should help fork over her salary to them.

“No one ever makes a billion dollars, you take a billion dollars,” she said.

As she “villainized” the rich, she said she wasn’t here to call them “morally corrupt.”

“Life in capitalism always ends in billionaires,” said the icon.

Listening to her irritating voice and her mindless ideology is mind-numbing. Yet, her audience applauded her ill-conceived statements.


She really wants this clip to get around. AOC wants businesses to become “worker’s cooperative.” Capitalism, according to her, is an “unjust system.”

In fact, capitalism has given the greatest number of people the best quality of life of any system out there. The woman is a dumb communist.



  1. As a non-woman of color I would like to complain about the previous complaints regarding the other problem. I can’t stand complaining, It’s getting bad, let me tell you about, it’s outrageous. Shocking and unacceptable!

  2. Did you notice that the bolshevic antifa animals didn’t start any trouble BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WERE ARMED? The communist cowards only act up in gun free zones! There were tens of thousands of armed PATRIOTS there, so the little marxist creeps were at their best behavior.

    • Shows how brave Antifa really is…the scum that likes to throw acid, etc. on people were a little more intimidated when the real men showed up.

  3. she is such a joke, it really is unbelievable….say, what happened to all the riots? PATRIOTS are law abiding citizens and they did real good, even antifa couldn’t do anything…it is the left that causes all these riots

  4. AOC is going to be in for a really rude awakening or worse. Every one of the 25 million veterans in America took an oath that doesn’t expire.

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