Gov Blackface Tried to Shut Down Pro-Gun Protests on MLK Day of All Days


Governor Blackface Northam tried to shut down today’s gun rally on MLK Day. Perhaps he is unaware of gun control’s racist past. It was especially wrong today to attempt to prevent people from exercising their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. Democrats only seem to like protests when they are anti-American Iranians who hate the President.

The MSM made a point of describing the color of peoples’ skin at the 2nd Amendment rally in Virginia today, claiming they were mostly white. True, but, in actuality, there were more black and brown people than at the lily-white Women’s March.

We hate to even mention skin color. It’s so ridiculous, but the Democrat media is obsessed with identity politics and we feel we have to counteract it.


As this black gentleman from Northern Virginia said, the Governor, who appeared in blackface or in a KKK robe, had the audacity on MLK day to try to stop people from protesting. He also tried to push the narrative that this was a racist, white supremacist rally.

This fellow who didn’t give his name was great!

Governor Blackface has united a lot of people, he said. He also doesn’t want this to be “some communist state.”

The man, who said he was from St. Louis, held a sign of Ralph Northam in blackface and his friend dressed as a KKK member when they were in med school. The unnamed man said, “the man behind the sheet wants your guns.”

He went on to say “They’re mad because there wasn’t any civil unrest. Now they’re going to be mad because there wasn’t any fight,” pointing out the peaceful crowd.

He said he didn’t bring a weapon because he didn’t need one.

“White, Black, Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, whatever, United we stand.”


A lot of people complained that the live streams were shut down because the left wanted to control the narrative. We don’t know if that is true, but it wouldn’t surprise us. It is odd that a lot of people couldn’t live stream. The purpose of the live stream was to get the truth out there to contradict any lies by the media.

It was likely that there was just too many working the Internet at one time. Some were able to live stream on Facebook.

Governor Infanticide was so anxious to get rid of the protesters, he provided a police escort to get them out of the Capitol area. I guess he wanted to keep them comfortable.

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