AP Mocks GOP for Wanting to Secure Federal Elections


Noncitizens are not allowed to vote in federal elections. However, the Federal Motor Voter law does not allow states to ensure that only citizens vote. For example, in Arizona, they check IDs for state elections, but no one is allowed to do it for the federal election. They went to court over it and lost.

Illegal aliens can fill out a registration form. All they have to do is sign that they know they aren’t allowed to vote.

They are automatically registered when they get their driver’s licenses.

Republicans are pushing a bill called the SAVE Act, the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act, which would allow states to require IDs for presidential elections in their states. Democrats won’t allow it to go to the Senate floor, and every House Democrat has voted against it.

The AP sarcastically wrote, “Noncitizen voting, already illegal in federal elections, becomes a centerpiece of 2024 GOP messaging.”

“One political party is holding urgent news conferences and congressional hearings over the topic. The other says it’s a dangerous distraction meant to seed doubts before this year’s presidential election,” the article continued.

As Stephen Miller said, “The AP is bottomless… All 50 states have been blocked by the courts from “implementing” that law: not one state in America is allowed to verify citizenship before voting. Not one.”

One 2014 study found that people here illegally do vote. That’s not the only evidence, and we don’t know how many. We now have millions of people who just came in illegally who see their futures locked into Joe Biden’s.

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