Biden Welcomes a Hamas Hostage, Thinking He’s in the Audience


Biden’s performance is disgusting. How can the United States have a president like this?

Democrats are giving us a president with dementia who is destroying us. They cannot be trusted even if they switch him out for another Democrat this summer. I do think Democrats will switch him out. They will do anything for power.

In the first clip, Biden introduces a man in Hamas’s hands as if he were in the audience. Hersh Goldberg-Polin is the young man who had his arm blown off by Hamas on October 7. He was working to bring Israeli and Palestinian children together.

Biden and the Democrats, in general, pretend January 6 was the worst day in our history. Utter nonsense. Biden can’t even get the date right.

Mush for brains.

What do they pump this guy up with? Donald Trump wants him drug tested before the debates.

Hahaha, immigration was the number one issue. How silly. These people are dirt. They think we’re stupid.

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