AP reporter caught committing journalism with swamp critter


Biden’s State Dept. spokesperson Ned Press falsely claimed during a presser that the administration has not canceled any international agreements made under the Trump administration. He told reporter Matt Lee that he’d be hard-pressed to name one they “jettisoned.”

Reporter Matt Lee asked:

The argument that you guys inherited an agreement with the Taliban that the previous administration concluded and that you had no choice, I don’t understand that either. This administration inherited plenty from the previous administration that it absolutely reversed. Are you saying that you’re not…you have a…you’re not confident in your negotiating skills that you could have renegotiated with…that you couldn’t have renegotiated a deal with the Taliban and that the…and are you saying that the President, in fact, didn’t want to take troops out, didn’t want to withdraw?

Lee said, “How about the Geneva Protocol on the anti-abortion stuff…?

Price ignored him and continued lying…

Lee didn’t back down, and said, “How about the agreements with the Northern Triangle? Those are international agreements you guys jettisoned [using Price’s own word].

Price stuttered, smirked, said, “Uh, no…I think…”

Lee said, “You just challenged me to come up with an international agreement the previous administration signed that you guys have walked away from.”

It’s hopeless dealing with liars, especially liars who are never challenged by the media. This actual moment of journalism from Matt Lee was an exception.

Price originally tried to demean the AP reporter, calling him “confused.”

The man is slime.

Watch Biden’s manipulative swamp critter in action:

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