AP Will Work with Open AI Which Partners with Marxists


The Associated Press said Thursday it reached a two-year deal with artificial intelligence (AI) company OpenAI (Microsoft). They will share access to its news archive in return for technology and product expertise.

The AP’s deal is one of the first between a major news agency and AI. As part of the deal, OpenAI will gain access to some of the AP’s text archives dating back to 1985. In exchange, the AP will receive expertise from the AI algorithm.

The AP hopes the deal will put it in a position to lead in developing standards for newsrooms using generative AI, which refers to a system that generates its own text or other media in response to prompts, reports Daily Wire.

The news industry is grappling with ways to best leverage artificial intelligence to improve output while also protecting its work from being used to train AI algorithms without permission or compensation. In striking a deal with OpenAI, AP hopes to be an industry leader in developing standards and best practices around generative AI for other newsrooms, Axios reports.

hammer and sickle

One of their partners is Partnership on AI (PAI). It’s a nonprofit tied to Meta, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and others. They founded PAI in 2016.  Its vision is for a more “equitable” world, which is code for Marxism.

They have hosted workshops advocating racist Critical Race Theory and Karl Marx’s teaching incorporated into artificial intelligence ethics. Marxism is communism.

The radical agenda of the partnership was revealed in videos uncovered by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF).

Different plugins on this website are offering AI for free for now. This is going to permeate everything.

It’s bad stuff. These people are quickly turning us into communists or something worse. They’re communists with AI and surveillance capabilities beyond anything we’ve ever known.

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