Apple has a CCP problem


In writing for the New York Times, Ben Smith penned an article about Apple CEO Tim Cook killing a streaming service film project about Gawker Media. That is irrelevant, at least to us, but deep in the story is something that should concern everyone.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president for internet software and services, who has been at the company since 1989, has told partners that “the two things we will never do are hard-core nudity and China,” one creative figure who has worked with Apple told me. (BuzzFeed News first reported last year that Mr. Cue had instructed creators to “avoid portraying China in a poor light.”)

Apple, like Disney, is embedded in China.

John Gruber notes:

This isn’t gossipy — or the least bit surprising — but unlike the Gawker show getting nixed, this “don’t offend China” rule ought to be genuinely scandalous. Ben Thompson beat me to the punch on yesterday’s edition of Dithering, observing that a rule like this about Russia during the Cold War would have blocked the entire James Bond franchise from existing, not to mention just about any lesser spy movies from the era. Or what of Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove? Like the Soviet Union in the decades after WWII, China is not some obscure small player on the world stage, and they systematically do things that deserve to be portrayed “in a poor light.” To take China off the table is to take much of what’s going on geopolitically in the world today off the table.

China is running concentration camps, harvesting prisoners’ organs, killing or ‘re-educating’ Muslims, and making slaves of people they target. They want to rule the world. Only last week, President Xi said China is the only sovereign state in the world. That makes the US a colony.

Apple claims to be an American company, but its values are too subservient to the Chinese Communist Party.

For all its achievements, Apple is wrapped up in the values of a totalitarian and cruel regime. They kill their own people and are starting to look like the Maoist government of the last century.

The company won’t criticize China, but they will put up articles on Apple News that are highly critical of the right.

Apple, Disney, the NBA, Nike, and other corporations that entangle themselves with the CCP need to be looked at closely.

They are no different from the Soviet menace, but we act as partners with the CCP. It can’t happen. They want to rule the world as a vicious, murderous totalitarian nation.

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