Approved Spanish Flu therapy might cure COVID-19


There is a new possible breakthrough in the treatment of COVID-19. A treatment, which has been approved in the United States, helped a test group of infected patients recover in only three days.

The convalescent plasma (CP) therapy was conducted on 10 adult patients in China with severe COVID-19, aged 34-78 years.

The results of the pilot study suggest that CP therapy may be a safe and promising therapeutic option for severe COVID-19 infections.

“All symptoms in the 10 patients, especially fever, cough, shortness of breath, and chest pain, disappeared or largely improved within 1 [day] to 3 [days] upon CP transfusion,” said the study, which was recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.

This is a Chinese study conducted in Wuhan city, the epicenter of the virus, by Kai Duan of China’s National Biotec Group Co. Ltd.

This is a therapy that was used for the first time 100 years ago during the Spanish Flu epidemic. It has already been used in the U.S.

A vaccine is at least a year to a year-and-a-half away, according to the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force, but CP therapy is here now, inexpensive, and readily available since it utilizes antibodies from people who have been infected and have recovered.

They may never have a vaccine like the one for Polio. Coronavirus is probably going to be more like Influenza with shots that may or may not help.

The therapy has been used to treat SARS and MERS, and Ebola, which developed in China, China, and the Middle East respectively. The pilot study in the diseases was a last desperate resort.

The recovery criteria were as follows:

1) normality of body temperature for more than 3 [days],

2) resolution of respiratory tract symptoms, and

3) two consecutively negative results of sputum SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR assay (1-[day] sampling interval). The donor’s blood was collected after 3 [weeks] postonset of illness and,

4) postdischarge,” says the study.

Dr. Fauci will probably say we need a year of triple-blind studies first and Dr. Emanuel will say we all have to stay in our homes starving to death until we maybe get a vaccine.

Testing is also improving quickly.



  1. Enemedia erupts in hysterical whining and gnashing in 3, 2, 1. That is all they have talked about for weeks now. The belligerent tone with Trump at pressers is obvious even to true believers now.
    Saw a funny cartoon of a silent generation veteran telling a millennial of his military service over several years and going into battle while the poor terribly put upon millennial says I have been cooped up watching Netflix and ordering take out for two weeks and can’t take much more.

  2. I’ve heard it said that flu vaccines are only 20% effective. If this virus vaccine is comparable then shouldn’t Fauci be concerned.

  3. I’m probably going to be considered really going off the rails with this. I’m not so sure mitigation is as effective as portrayed.

    One thing I expect from experts is consistency. I’ve been pondering the effectiveness of masks and the extent of social distancing. Granted both will have a certain effect but is it as proposed.

    The comparisons between the US and Italy / Spain are based on, or seem to be, numbers alone. But what is primarily different between countries. It is “culture” that differentiates the masses and how they interact.

    What first sparked my doubt was the statement that Japan wears masks and, ergo, they have a low infection / death rate. This should mean that every country which adopts similar policies would have similar results. But that didn’t seem to be the case. But culture “can” play a role. Japanese culture doesn’t have widespread intimate contact between individuals, for the most part. Italy, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. Not Only is there handshaking but much greater physical contact, including kissing. The majority of the US is mostly hand-shaking, although more and more of younger generations are gravitating towards hugging. What Really struck me was the high degree of infections of the black population. They Do shake hands, but in addition, will strongly embrace each other with the handshake.

    It would be interesting in the analysis to see how the diversity of New York is in comparison to the numbers. Certain Jewish areas were hard hit and could be attributed to cultural practices. In that area it is similar in New York as well as Israel. If this analysis has any merit, and I think it does, then all the economic hardships and social distancing accompanying it were not warranted. Convincing the public to refrain from intimate contact may have achieved the same purpose. Of course, WHO’S going to study that.

  4. The Covid-19 virus has some of the symptoms of the 1918 Spanish Flu; it created severe immune reactions and led to pneumonia.These treatments were supposed to work during the 1918 pandemic: hot blanket packs (lasting 4-5 minutes), cold compresses, warm water enemas twice a day, and 3-4 quarts of liquids every half hour.
    Has anyone tried using these treatments?

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