China report that COVID-19 is a combination of SARS & AIDS, possibly man-made


Was coronavirus genetically modified and is it like a combination of SARS and AIDS? Some reports suggest that is the case.

Citizen reporter Jennifer Zeng reported on what some called a conspiracy theory and she is sparse on the details but a report out of Australia referencing a Chinese study of the disease provides more information about COVID-19, and, if true, it backs up Zeng’s story.

Anything from Chinese Communists should be questioned.


Allegedly, according to Ms. Zeng, a military official stated that We tend to believe the #CCPVirus #COVID2019 is man-made and a combination of SARS and HIV.

According to the report, 30-50% of the first “generation” of infected died out as the first generation virus is especially powerful and it attacks people’s immune systems just like HIV.

The problem is worse than we expected. It is not like SARS, which ended when it ended.

We found the immune systems of the cured patients have been completely destroyed. We are becoming more and more nervous.

The virus cannot be killed, cured patients are still spreading them. Don’t place your hope on a vaccine. HIV has been here for so many years, we are yet to have a vaccine.

Anybody who gets it can spread it to others.

Was it genetically modified? That is what NBC ‘news’ should look into.



According to another report out of Sky News, Australia, it is a combination of SARS and AIDS.

Chinese doctors who autopsied victims of coronavirus say this illness looks like a combination of SARS and AIDs that can cause irreversible lung damage even in those who survive.

This finding was reported by the Communist Chinese mouthpiece Global Times about a report published by Wuhan doctors in the Journal of Forensic Medicine. The information has gone viral on Chinese social media.

“The influence of COVID-19 on the human body is like a combination of SARS and AIDS as it damages both the lungs and immune systems,” Peng Zhiyong, University of Wuhan, told the Global Times.

There Is a Second Strain

The paper by Liu Liang, a forensic specialist from the Tongji Medical College at Huazhong Univerity of Science and Technology, whose team had conducted nine autopsies of coronavirus patients as of February 24.

Dr. Peng told the Global Times, “The autopsy results Liu shared inspired me a lot. Based on the results, I think the most important thing now is to take measures at an early stage of the disease to protect patients’ lungs from irreversible fibrosis.”

Pulmonary fibrosis is permanent scarring of the lung tissue that can leave the patient chronically out of breath. The paper described an autopsy conducted on an 85-year old man. It said there was apparent damage to the patients’ lungs.

The excess production of mucus that spills out of the alveoli indicates COVID-19 “causes an inflammation response that damages deep airways and pulmonary alveoli.”

The fibrosis was “not as serious as was seen in SARS patients, but an exudative reaction was more important, possibly due to the short course of his disease.”

This was a small observational study.

An earlier study published in The Lancet of 81 patients suggested fibrosis.

The Chinese scientists warned that a second strain of the disease has morphed and is also circulating.

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To Serf Or Not To Serf
To Serf Or Not To Serf
3 years ago

Here is a great resource regarding Kung Flu and other medical issues:

3 years ago

I don’t know how they can tell but researchers have said it cannot have been genetic. Evidently they can test for that.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

This is alarming, China is capable of manufacturing this type of biological agent for warfare, they strongly desire to rule the world as any Communist Nation would aspire to become, just like Russia.