Are Lebanon and Israel Headed for All-Out War?


Another hot spot is growing worse, but it just might be saber-rattling. Hezbollah is threatening to attack Israel with 100,000 militants if they are attacked. Allegedly, Canada has ordered the mass evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon. However, these aren’t Canadians. They only have dual citizenship. They should not have Canadian citizenship.

Hezbollah is allegedly threatening Cyprus as well.

Reuters allegedly reported that Israel told the U.S. it would be going ahead with a full-scale war on Hezbollah within 48 hours. However, that is not true. Reuters adamantly denied it. I couldn’t find any proof that Reuters reported that.

Reuters did report:

Hezbollah has been firing rockets at Israel in solidarity with its Palestinian ally Hamas since the Gaza war erupted in October, forcing tens of thousands to flee homes in Israel, where political pressure is building for tougher action.

Tens of thousands of Lebanese have also fled their homes following Israeli strikes in south Lebanon.

Concerned at the risk of a slide into a war that could spread across the region, U.S. President Joe Biden sent his special envoy Amos Hochstein to embark on a new round of diplomacy this week, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Israeli officials to avoid further escalation.

Hezbollah claims they don’t want a broader war.

This war looks existential to many., and Iran boasts that they have Israel where they want it.

It doesn’t look like war is imminent, but the rhetoric is heating up.

The US should close the borders.

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