Arkansas Can Demand People List Birth Sex on State IDs


NBC News reported that a ruling by the state Supreme Court reinstates a rule that people list the sex/gender they were born with on state ID documents.

The ACLU sued Arkansas for demanding transgenders use their correct sex on state-issued driver’s licenses and ID cards. A state circuit court issued an injunction, but the state Supreme Court lifted it on Monday.

The agency rule banning “X” instead of male or female on state-issued licenses or ID cards is back.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration said in March that it was rescinding a practice implemented in 2010 that officials say conflicted with state law and needed proper legislative approval. A legislative panel approved an emergency rule to implement the new policy.

Republican states are taking steps to define sex as binary.

Critics say it is “erasing transgender and nonbinary people’s existences and creating uncertainty for intersex people — those born with physical traits that don’t fit typical definitions of male or female.”

The only people born with physical traits of both sexes are hermaphrodites, and they are very, very rare.

There are two sexes, two genders. Transgenderism is a mental disability. The mental health community and The WHO say it is not a mental illness. Not very long ago, it was regarded as a mental illness.

If people want to say they are a different sex/gender, then they should, but the drugs and surgeries to make it happen are not all OK. It should never happen to children.

Some prominent psychiatrists will admit the truth.

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