Armed Citizens’ Gun Battle Against Voter Fraud in Athens, Tennessee


As it appears more and more likely the presidency of the United States will be stolen from Donald Trump – and the American people. I, like many of you, began to lose hope for awhile. I saw my country and its beautiful heritage pulled out from beneath God-fearing, law-abiding citizens by an organized, well-funded cabal of anarchist, fascists, and Marxist bastards.

In a worsening mood, I found myself shaking my head and asking the question the Jews asked during the horror of the Holocaust: “How could God do this?” I considered the plight of mortal man after our exit from Eden, and I shook my head in sorrow and said, “God must have really been pissed off at Adam and Eve.”

But of course, God is not responsible for this evil – for the shamelessness of politicians and the phony ballots counted and tallied in Democrat districts. God is not stealing the election from Donald Trump and the American people. The Democrats are. Evil, soulless Democrats.

Jonathan Swift said, “I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.”


I remembered the Battle of Athens, Tennessee, a gun battle for voter integrity in a corrupt county called McMinn. In 1946, voter fraud, corruption, and police brutality were rampant and the people terrorized by the local officials – Democrats, of course. It had begun in the 1936 election, and only ended when the desperate citizenry – many of them returning GI’s from World War Two – went out one night and broke into the local armory where they stole guns and bandoliers of ammo, and took up arms against corrupt Democrat officials, the sheriff, and over 200 armed deputies.

The sheriff and deputies back then were not salaried. They were paid by the fees they collected from the people they arrested. The arrests were many, mostly based on bogus charges. Back in 1946, you did not want to drive through Athens, Tennessee, not even by bus. Even buses were stopped and the passengers hassled and searched and arrested for drunkenness – and fined, whether or not they were actually drunk.

Local GI’s returning from WW II were pulled out of the town bars at night and roughed up and fined the equivalent of their severance pay. The GI’s began to organize. They formed the “Non-Partisan GI Political League” and petitioned Tennessee Governor Jim Nance McCord and Attorney General Tom Clark for help but received no response. The United States Department of Justice had investigated the elections of 1940, ’42, and ’44, but nothing had come of those investigations. Sound familiar? Remember, back then the power players in Washington were all Democrats. Now in 2020, it seems even the Republicans are in on the action.


In 1946, as the Second World War was ending, more and more battle-hardened American troops were arriving home to Athens, Tennessee. Drinking, brawling, raw courage – and fighting for what they believed in – had been burned into their souls. They were precisely the wrong people to mess with. And as word got out beyond McMinn County, those GI’s still in the service tried to hurry their discharge so they could return home to do something to stop the cruel bullying and corruption.

It was a spirited election in that summer of 1946, with dead people rising from their graves to vote for the Democrat of their choice – Paul Cantrell for sheriff and Pat Mansfield for State Senator. Well over 200 deputies were called in from neighboring towns – even from out of state – to keep the peace. But there was little peace. When a black man tried to vote, a deputy standing guard at the ballot box grabbed his hand and crumpled his ballot and hit him with his gun barrel, billy-club, blackjack, or some such. The black guy ran and was shot in the back but not killed, for he kept running out into the night. When a GI standing there tried to intervene, he was beaten by other deputies and dragged to the jail where again he was beaten – this time so badly he ended up in the hospital.

By now the GI’s had had enough. They broke into the local armory and armed themselves with rifles, pistols, and two submachine guns. The sheriff and a bunch of deputies who also had rifles and a submachine gun, took off carrying three ballot boxes into the jail where they barricaded themselves while they counted the ballots unobserved by neutral observers. Sound familiar?


The GI’s went back to the armory and got dynamite. And they made Molotov cocktails. They knew how to storm a fortress, while like most bullies, the sheriff knew just a little about manure and a lot less about Shinola. The battle began. The GI’s occupied the second story of a building across the street from the jail and poured down a barrage of bullets through the windows of the jail. One GI crawled on his stomach to get close enough to set the dynamite charges and blew the front porch and door off the jail that Katie had barred. By 3:00 am, the besieged occupants of the jail surrendered. The GI’s counted the ballots, and surprise of all surprises, the Democrats lost that election.

Anyway, that’s the short version of the actual true story. I’m no historian. I took most of my information from the internet history websites, Wikipedia, and such. If some of my “facts” don’t meet with the algorisms of Facebook and Twitter or the Washington Post or the New York Times, I suggest you get off your ass and do your own research. Educate yourself – educate your children. A couple of movies were based on this story, along with the book “The Fighting Bunch: The Battle of Athens and How World War II Veterans Won the Only Successful Armed Rebellion Since the Revolution.” Get busy on your own research and understand your own history. It will serve you well, I promise.


Now I’m not advocating an armed response to the ongoing voter fraud in this election of 2020 – not at this point. There are many peaceful options. And you’ll accomplish a lot more lasting remedies through peaceful means. But surrender not one of your God-given rights in the process. And take care of each other. At protest rallies, you might consider banding together in peaceful sub-groups watching out for each other. And, too, a little old-fashioned hand-to-hand self-defense might stand you in good stead if you or a fellow-soldier are viciously attacked by lead pipe wielding ANTIFA fascists and armed Black Lives Matter thugs. Beyond that, get off your ass and fight like hell against the corruption and voter fraud systemic in Democrat controlled counties and precincts – in governor’s mansions, state houses, and corrupt courthouses – alas, even in our own federal Deep State.

One last thought – quick thought. The GOP politicians are as corrupt as Pelosi and Schumer, Adam Schiff, Hirono, Waters, and as dangerous as the “Squad” and Kamala. The Jim Jordans and Lindsey Grahams who never met a microphone or TV camera they didn’t love, are all talk, no action – because they are part of it all. That’s why nothing came of the Hunter Biden scandal – or the Russia Hoax. Chief Justice John Roberts, Bill Barr, John Durham, Christopher Wray, and Gina Haspel are as much a part of the Deep State as Jim Comey, or Brennan, or Clapper. My God, what perfidy our president and his family have had to endure over the last four years.

“Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy,” F. Scott Fitzgerald said. He could have been speaking of President Donald J. Trump. But you and I can changed that, if we fight hard enough for a just and lawful outcome to this stolen election.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

Wow, what an incredible story! Seems outrageous that the same kind of election fraud is happening three-quarters of a century later. History repeats itself. Let’s see if it ends now as it ended then.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
3 years ago


Of course, she is right. We have NO CHOICE BUT to fight back. We need to fight at least as hard as Donald Trump has fought for us over the past 4 years.

THIS MASSIVE, YET ANOTHER attempted Coup of our Republic CAN NOT STAND.

After carefully following and researching all that I could get my hands on over the past AT LEAST DOZEN YEARS, I KNOW every election we have had for at least this long has been subjected to horrific, massive and ever growing fraud. The DNC presonsible for 99% of that fraud.

TDS has actually given us a golden gift. ANY REPUBLICAN WHO HAS NOT FULLY AND ENERGETICALLY BACKED PRESIDENT TRUMP in both WORD AND DEED, is PART of the DS, NWO treason or far too cowardly to be in charge of ANYTHING.

Before TDS, we simply could not be sure of the identity of all the Enemies Within Now we have a reliable berometer to go by.

Taking our country back … its NOT just about America. It is the entire WORLD haning in the balance. Already the Saudis are talking about their own nuclear weapons program. Other Middle East nations will swiftly follow suit. THEY KNOW the Middle East peace accords Pres Trump has BLESSEDLY managed, under Biden, will fall to pieces. THEY KNOW under a Pres Biden, Iran WILL SWIFTLY have their nuclear weapons AND THEY WILL NOT HESITATE TO USE THEM.

Just heard Netanyahu had a sudden, under the radar meeting with the Saudi crown prince. YOU KNOW WHY.

PRAY, PRAY HARD President Trump prevails at SCOTUS and that Roberts, who will SURELY try to shoot him down, will be over-ridden by The Five.

gary spina
gary spina
3 years ago
Reply to  Judyann Joyner

Thank you, Judyann. Well said. You should write your own article. Your passion and understanding are brilliant. (Finally got my byline straight after a minor glitch…) Again, thanks…