Armed New Black Panthers Outside Ahmaud Arbery Courthouse Threaten Squads of Hitmen


We haven’t followed the Ahmaud Arbery case but one thing we do know is that armed lunatics outside a courthouse threatening to form bands of hitmen to kill people who are acquitted is not acceptable.

Yet, that is what is going on outside the courthouse as three men face their fate in the death of Arbery. Closing arguments are underway.

Why are they allowed near the court? They are intimidating juries.



  1. The Jihad Squad of anchor babies ordered them?
    I almost feel sorry for people who aren’t ready for the Ultraviolence WAR of all against all.
    Make no mistake, it is now and there will be no compromise with the forces of EVIL out to erase the former republic once and for all.

  2. O/T-Kon Ripflowski
    Flon Ripkowski
    Frong is the storce, storce is the frong.

    I love a cool name!
    A tip of the flip to all fighters of the CCP/CPUSA comrade collective.

  3. Remember the most dangerous people in America are Trump Voters and Moms and Dads. The Left couldn’t find any White Militia groups terrorizing America. The only ones the FBI found had 75% FBI members who “infiltrated” a couple of drunk Red Necks blowing off steam in a bar. Sorry, but the only terrorist I see in America are Liberals in Big Blue Cites. The Media spends all it’s time looking for literally a handful of Conservative Crackpots, while covering for their AntiFa/BLM Brownshirts. The Brownshirts also include the New Black Panthers who are well established Terrorist since the 1960s.

    Just on a Common Sense note: White People with common sense don’t go “jogging” through Black Projects. So why do Black Men do things like jog through a neighborhood of Red Neck? That’s just being an attractive nuisance. Even a smart White Guy would think twice about jogging in a Red Neck Neighborhood. What makes be wonder the most is what happened that resulted in Ahmaud Arbery being shot instead just getting the crap beat out of him? Did Arbery commit Suicide by Red Neck? Did he have mental issues? Racism is a problem throughout the World. Why does the Media see a need to keep throwing gasoline on that fire? What really gets me is that Liberals, including Blacks, thought defunding the Police was good idea. Where were the police then and where are the police now? Without the Police, someone will fill the void and Blacks in America are out numbered 8 to 1. Blacks need to consider that it’s Liberal Democrats who want to defund police and leave them defenseless. If the New Black Panthers were to shoot anyone acquitted by a jury, it’s likely all bets will be off when it comes to the Black Community. The New Black Panthers are worse for the Black Community than the White Supremacist groups the FBI can’t seem to find. The New Black Panthers are real as we can see in the videos and not just a figment of the imagination of Liberal Losers.

  4. For those on the right who are reading this article, and who were big supporters of Kyle Rittenhouse ( I wasn’t a fan, but am glad that he was acquitted ) – perhaps I might remind these
    fanboys that when Rittenhouse did the interview with Tucker Carlson, he said he was a big supporter of BLM.

    When I heard that, I had to reach for my bottle of Pepto-Bismal and take a few deep slugs.

    These BLM radical terrorists will be painting a target on his back, along with these juries who based their decisions on the facts and the evidence and who dare to succumb to mob intimidation.

    And, Kyle Rittenhouse thinks he can go on Tucker Carlson and kiss their feet and they’ll decide to leave him and his family alone? Kyle Rittenhouse clearly has a very poor grasp of the racial dynamics that exist in this rapidly deteriorating, once 90 plus percent White European majority nation.

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