Waukesha Killer Ran Over His Child’s Mom Then Ran Over 50 People-Thank a Soros DA


Darrell Brooks, the Wausheka murderer, was granted bail twice this year. The first bail was $500 and the second was $1,000. The bail did not reflect the seriousness of his crimes. The most recent bail which got him out of prison a few days ago was after he tried to kill the mother of his child by running her over with his Burgundy Ford Escape.

Running over his baby Mama turned out to be a trial run for him.

The Soros-tied DA’s office didn’t think it merited a more serious bail, one that might have kept him in prison. If that wasn’t the case, five people would be alive today and another 48, including 18 children,  would not be injured. They would have enjoyed the Dancing Grannies, the high school Marching band, and the little Pom Pom girls, and then gone home.

As we reported, ABC, CBS, NBC claim he was running from a knife fight. However, he has been charged with five intentional homicides. Anyone who watched the videos can see him veering to the left in one case to hit a group and then veering to the right to hit the other group. It was deliberate.

He never slowed down or stopped. Brooks just kept on running over people.

Chisholm’s office knows to let certain criminals off with low bail, but that might not include Conservatives. He targeted Scott Walker supporters for the crime of campaigning.

Nabbing Conservatives

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm bragged online about abolishing bail. Chisholm also issued John Doe warrants to seize property illegally from 159 conservatives and then ordered them not to reveal it.

The Gateway Pundit posted a Watchdog.org report that showed the Wisconsin Supreme Court  sent out 159 “Special Prosecutor” notices to people and organizations whose records were seized as part of secret investigations commonly referred to as “John Doe I” and “John Doe II.” The people were just ordinary people who were not directly connected to any of the organizations under investigation.

To nab conservatives, Chisholm can get very tough and corrupt.

The Bail’s Too Low

Now, after tremendous anger boiled up, DA Chisholm states the obvious — the November bail was too low.

Brooks faces felony charges from July 2020 of second-degree recklessly endangering safety with the use of a dangerous weapon and possessing a firearm after being convicted of a felony.

Bail on those charges started out at  $10,000 but ended up being reduced to $500 because the state could not schedule a speedy trial. He posted bail and then tried to run over the mother of his child this month and got out after posting $1,000 bail.

He’s conducting an internal review that will be meaningless. Mostly, he’s covering his Soros-tied butt.

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