Kyle Rittenhouse Reportedly Hired Nick Sandmann’s Civil Attorney


Reportedly, Kyle Rittenhouse has hired Nick Sandmann’s lawyer, which might be Todd McMurtry. We aren’t sure. In any case, Rittenhouse is planning multiple defamation suits.

Nick Sandmann

The media is absolutely culpable, even more so than the Sandmann case. They tried to put Rittenhouse in prison for life. The Left was trying to destroy self-defense and gun rights at the same time.

Rittenhouse’s lawyer had a lot of negative things to say about CNN and MSNBC for not reporting facts. He said they are biased and made false claims against Rittenhouse. He rightfully accused the networks of twisting facts to fit “the story they wanted to tell.” Of that, there is no doubt.

Leftist CNN host Chris Cuomo admitted on air that Kyle Rittenhouse operated within the law.

Cuomo told CNN  host Don Lemon during “Cuomo Prime Time” that Rittenhouse was justified by the law, despite also adding the outcome was because of “systemic racism.”

We can’t figure out how he gets to that when everyone involved is WHITE and there is no evidence Kyle is a racist. In fact, he told Tucker Carlson that he supports the communist group, Black Lives Matter.

Cuomo called it “a terrible situation,” saying that because of systemic racism, “you’re going to have people saying if he was black, this would be different.”

That’s not true.

He did also say the verdict “is justified by the law and the facts,” and “that’s what we should want every time.”

“We want this outcome no matter who the defendant is,” Cuomo said.

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