Army of Woke! Sgt. Maj.’s proud of Lt. who refused to comply with police


The WOKE sergeant major of the Army commended the second lieutenant whose December traffic stop prompted a lawsuit and the firing of a Virginia police officer. He’s proud of him for remaining cool as a pair of cops pointed their weapons at him.

“Like many of you,” Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston tweeted Monday, “I was concerned by the video of [2nd Lt. Caron] Nazario’s traffic stop in December. He represented himself and our Army well through his calm, professional response to the situation — I’m very proud of him.”

He’s proud, not just proud, he’s very proud, of a Lieutenant who wouldn’t comply with the police officer’s commands. Why would his commanding officer be proud of him for that? Oh, wait, I forgot, we’re all WOKE now and it’s cool to ignore officers’ orders.


On December 5, 2020, 2nd army Lieutenant Caron Nazario was stopped by the police. The army lieutenant pulled rank and refused to do what the officers told him to do.

Later he told the officers he was afraid to get out. The officer misspoke in response and said, “you should be.” The officer quickly corrected his comment.

The Lieutenant escalated the situation and does not have the right to refuse to get out.

The officers de-escalated and the Lt. still refused to cooperate.

Nazario was pepper-sprayed and forced to the ground. The Windsor Police Department announced Sunday that one of the officers, Joe Gutierrez, was fired.

Nazario, who is half black and Hispanic, is suing the police department.

He resisted the officers’ orders. As a Lt., he should know how to follow orders. When did Americans decide they don’t have to listen to the police?

What do you think?

Officer Tatum goes through the episode and explains who he thinks was wrong:


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