As Nancy Heads for Taipei, CCP Says “They’ll Fight to the Finish”


Senile 82-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has meetings scheduled with government officials on the self-ruled island of Taipei that the US says is part of China. Her plane left Kuala Lumpur a short time ago.

Some of Mrs. Pelosi’s meetings have been scheduled for Tuesday evening, but most are set for Wednesday, the person said, adding that they include, but aren’t limited to, Taiwanese government officials. “She’s definitely coming,” the person said. “The only variable is whether she spends the night in Taipei,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

According to the New York Post, a Chinese Foreign Ministry rep warned Monday that Beijing’s military would “not sit idly by” if Pelosi (D-Calif.) enters Taiwan. Zhao Lijian also declared that due to Pelosi’s status as the “No. 3 official of the U.S. government,” a Taiwan visit would “lead to egregious political impact”.

China views visits by U.S. officials to Taiwan as sending an encouraging signal to the pro-independence camp in the island. Washington does not have official diplomatic ties with Taiwan but is bound by U.S. law to provide the island with the means to defend itself. A visit by Pelosi, who is second in the line of succession to the U.S. presidency and a long-time critic of China, would come amid worsening ties between Washington and Beijing. Republican Newt Gingrich was the last House speaker to visit Taiwan, CNN reported two days ago.


At 7:21 am EST, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Li said, “…Some US politicians who selfishly play with fire on the Taiwan question, becoming the enemies to 1.4 billion Chinese people, will not meet with a good end, Wang.”

“…Some US politicians who selfishly play with fire on the Taiwan question, becoming the enemies to 1.4 billion Chinese people, will not meet with a good end, Wang said after attending SCO FMs meeting and paying visits to some countries in Central Asia.”

The Global Times is one of the State mouthpieces for President Xi. At 6 am EST this morning, they posted a meme that said, “We will invade no one anywhere, But if others invade us, we will fight back and fight to the finish,” Mao Zedong. It included a picture of a young Mao.

In a reappearance at a FM press conference after 159 days, Chinese FM spokesperson Hua Chunying responded to Pelosi’s possible Taipei visit on Tuesday by saying: “The US will be held liable and pay the price”. The Times posted the video clip of her comments at about 6:15 am.. A couple hours before, the foreign ministry said, “The US should abandon any attempt of playing the Taiwan card, faithfully abide by the one-China principle. If the US insists its way, all the serious consequences will be US’ responsibility: Chinese Foreign Ministry.”

Within the same time frame, the ChiComs posted a video of an amphibious assault ship, “ready for combat.” There were numerous tweets of armed ships preparing for war.

The Chinese regard this as an invasion and previously threatened to blow them out of the air. President Xi said if you live by fire, you will perish.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said the White House has visited Taipei before even this year. There is no reason for China to blow this up.

However, some media reports say we are now talking about arming Taipei with heavy weapons.

Nancy Pelosi is expected to arrive in Taipei today. She’s provoking an attack on her own citizens. Not only that, China will hurt Taipei. Yesterday, China announced import bans of more than 100 Taiwan firms from the food and agriculture industries.

Nancy go home!


The Chinese have technology on US cell towers that could hack nuclear arsenals as they buy up American farmland near military bases.

“CCP-controlled entities are now buying up American farmland, much of which is near U.S. military bases. Yet, our diplomats in China can’t even go to the grocery story without someone following them. We have to take this seriously,” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a recent tweet.

Yet, Biden has given away the store to the Chinese Communists. Biden has acted as more of a pro-China president than any president before him. He said this week that Taipei is not independent. He’s cancelling trade deals that will hurt our manufacturing. He is forcing our electric grid to China. The US can’t compete with slave labor in making solar panels and batteries for our new windmills and solar plants.

The army is in trouble. Biden can’t meet recruitment numbers and is now allowing mentally ill people to join the military as the government allows drag shows for entertainment. The government is destroying the military. They are firing experienced military for not taking a vaccine that doesn’t work – 60,000 were just denied pay and benefits for not getting vexed.


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