Mrs. Reffitt Speaks Out About Husband’s 7+ Years Sentence for J6 Riot


Guy Reffitt was sentenced to 7+ years in prison for his role in the Jan. 6 riot/parade. He never went into the Capitol. He remained on the stairs. Allegedly, he cursed a couple threats into a tape he wore. Mr. Reffitt brought a gun he did not use and he did not hurt anyone.

He went for a jury trial in DC, the worst thing he could have done. It’s DC and they found him guilty. The prosecutor portrayed him as a dangerous domestic terrorist. The judge gave him 7+ years after the prosecutor called him a domestic terrorist for his obstruction charge.

Obstruction is now domestic terrorism.

The charges were two counts of civil disorder, two counts of obstruction, and one count of carrying a handgun on restricted grounds. (Prosecutors came up with the firearms charges months before and after he was initially indicted, claiming a holster he wore that day contained a semi-automatic handgun.).

He confronted police on the steps made derogatory statements against Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell that day.

No one is questioning his behavior was bad.

In a 58-page sentencing recommendation the Justice Department filed last week claimed he was part of a domestic terrorism plot as the Biden regime now insists. In no way does that bad behavior raise him to the level of a domestic terrorist.

His wife spoke out after the sentencing with her daughters by her side. Her son Jackson didn’t attend. He is the one who turned him in for the things he said. He secretly taped his father’s comments after he returned home and sent it to the FBI.

Watch Mrs. Reffitt:

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