As Notre Dame burns, Don Lemon finds ways to make it about Trump


CNN’s Don Lemon decided to make the Notre Dame tragedy about President Trump because that’s how he rolls. He first played a clip of the President speaking at a tax day event in Minnesota.

“It is one of the great treasures of the world, the greatest arts in the world,” Trump said. “If you think about it, it might be greater than almost any museum in the world and it is burning very badly. It looks like it is burning to the ground.”

The small-minded Lemon insulted the President for saying the cathedral may be “burning to the ground.” He mocked him since in hindsight, he knew the basic structure still stands, but the President had no way to know that when he made his comments.

Lemon’s comments were petty as a great church, an irreplaceable museum, was destroyed. It nearly did and certainly looked like nothing was happening to stop it.

The tiny-minded man first criticized the President for saying poor forest management might have led to California’s raging fires [which many experts agree with in part]. Then he moved on to the President’s tweet about flying water tankers.

With the Notre Dame fire burning for hours, the president tweeted: “So horrible to watch the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!”

The President’s response was shared by many who wondered why water and air tankers were not used. There is also the fact that for forty minutes, nothing was used.

Lemon was jubilant over a tweet from the French Civil Defense Agency that rejected that suggestion (in English), saying, “They were not having that.”

The tweet said that using “water-bombing aircrafts … could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral.”

Calling them “water-bombing aircrafts” was an insult, politically driven. The French hate the President.

Lemon likes it when foreigners rip into our President. He is traitorous that way.

“You would think that the president — made his name as a builder — would know better, but this president can’t seem to resist weighing in, playing the expert,” Lemon said bitterly.

That’s advice and expertise from the Black Hole Man. This is coming from a man who thought a plane disappeared into a black hole or conjectured that maybe something supernatural took place.

Anything to hurt the President.


The fire began at 5:530 pm GMT and was finally extinquished at 10 pm. Late on Monday evening fire chiefs confirmed that the structure of the cathedral has been saved, despite initial fears it may be entirely destroyed.

President Macron vowed to rebuild the 850-year-old cathedral and to fly in the best artisans from around the world. There are some things that can never be redone. The secrets of some of the building died with the artists centuries ago.

Macron also praised the work of the firefighters and others who helped. The firefighters entered the building, saving the structure itself.

“I’m telling you all tonight, we will rebuild this cathedral together. This is probably part of the French destiny. And we will do it in the next years,” French President Macron said.

As kings rose and fell, and revolutions came and went, and Nazis occupied the land, the cathedral stood and witnessed history. It was where Napoleon was crowned emperor in 1804 and General Charles de Gaulle declared the liberation of France from Germany.

Archbishops are buried there.

All or most of the works of art and the church’s holiest relics were removed before the renovations began. The crown of thorns that is believed to have sat on the head of Jesus Christ was spared.

A team of heroes went in and brought many treasures out and videos showed gargoyles being removed while flames lapped at the structure. Statues had been taken out before the renovation began.

The towers are standing and the bells were spared, but most of the church was reduced to ashes in an hour.

The altar and the cross were miraculously spared.

One of the rose windows survives, a pulpit is intact and pews are undamaged, the BBC reported.

A tunic worn by King Louis IX when he brought the Crown of Thorns to Paris was saved by the heroes.

Notre Dame is the “entire history of France,” as Mayor Hidalgo said.

“Good news: all the works of art were saved,” French journalist Nicolas Delesalle tweeted in French. “The treasure of the Cathedral is intact, the Crown of thorns, the Holy Sacraments.”

A marvel of history and beauty that can never be fully restored is gone. Don Lemon missed all that.

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