As NYC Depopulates its Useless AWOL Sen. Schumer Has Georgia on His Mind


A few days ago, the Sentinel reported that, in the last 8 months, some 300,000 people had bolted New York City.  The reasons are obvious.

It began with Cuomo and deBlasio’s deadly mishandling of the China Virus.  Quickly thereafter, the Big Apple was facing an unchecked homeless problem, God-awful schools, and huge crime spikes, including but not limited to riots, looting, and murder.

And throughout virtually all this crisis-fueled, deadly mayhem, New York’s senior Senator and Democrat Minority Leader was Missing In Action.  None of his typical “Sunday with Schumer” press conferences related to any of the ongoing implosion of his own city.  This, despite the fact a good part of the crippling madness was taking place within miles of where Schumer lives and within blocks of his own Brooklyn office.

Senior care facilities, a very short ride from that office, were suffering catastrophic death tolls, while NYPD officers were being assaulted, and their cars torched a short walk away.  Still, Chuck remained unmoved, perhaps choosing to “stay safe,” maybe under his big desk, in Washington D.C.

Ah, but apparently feeling he’d paid no price for so grievously ignoring the needs of the suckers who voted for him. Sen. Schumer has now turned his energies, attention, and most importantly, political ambitions thousands of miles south; to Georgia.

He’s set his self-serving sights on the Peach State because it’s there where two runoff elections will determine which party will control Chucky’s upper chamber.  During, what is now a rare appearance in Manhattan, a highly animated (for him) Schumer first bellowed, “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world!”

When questioned by a stunned reporter, the senator must have rethought what he’d said.   Realizing the nature of this tone-deaf, Pelosi-type gift to the opposition, Schumer tried masking his globalist expectations by saying, “Now we take Georgia, and then we change America!”

If Georgians think by listening to Charles Schumer, they’ll make out any better than the New Yorkers he was elected to serve. Those southerners will be badly disappointed.  With Chuck, you’ll come to learn what’s increasingly evident in the Empire State.  With him, it’s “right after ME, you come first.”

And it won’t be any different for the good people living in Georgia, or most anywhere else in the United States.  This lifetime, power-hungry pol is the poster boy for both horrific policies and term limits.

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