Where the President’s legal cases stand


Both Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani say they have the evidence to overturn the Pennsylvania election and possibly other states. We haven’t seen the evidence yet. President Trump said the recounts are meaningless because in Pennsylvania, for one, officials are not allowing them to look at signatures. The cases partly hinge on ballots that should have been rejected.

Erick Erickson, the Trump-hating, Trump voter, sent out his morning email outlining the Trump administration case for fraud. It was gloomy. He probably read a Washington Post article claiming President Trump’s attorneys abandoned the major argument to overturn the Philadelphia election.

The article’s authors reported that the Trump campaign was abandoning the claim that election authorities invalidated over 600,000 votes by barring Trump election observers from watching the count.

Erickson writes, “Over 680,000 illegal votes were cast there [Philly], according to Rudy Giuliani and the President’s legal team. This morning the President’s lawyers have abandoned that claim. The claim was premised on Republican observers being unable to witness the counting of the ballots. The President’s lawyers are dropping that claim now because it turns out the witnesses could observe. While they could not be within six feet, it turns out there were cameras with the counters, so observation via closed-circuit television could still be made. The President’s lawyers are abandoning that claim.”

According to the WaPo and other mainstream publications, Kathy Boockvar, Pennsylvania’s Democratic secretary of state, submitted a court filing in response to the Trump campaign’s actions reiterating her request for the judge to dismiss the lawsuit, noting that the amended suit “materially narrows the pending allegations to a single claim.”

The Trump campaign strongly denied the claims:


Redline Trump Complaint by jan.wolfe5356



The claim that Pennsylvania allowed Democrats to cure their votes but not Republicans is another aspect of the case and very tenable. The Court would likely allow Republicans to cure their ballots. If so, it would not be enough to overturn the election.

In Michigan, the judge considered the 234 pages of affidavits from 100 people. He said it was more an issue of poll watchers not going through their training. For that reason, they missed things like legitimate efforts to scan ballots. Some of the 100 walked back their claims.

The 10,000 dead in Michigan were only 50. When officials lack birthdays, the voters’ birthdays go in as 1900. It was the result of a prior agreement between the two parties.

In Arizona, only 191 votes are still in contention.

In Georgia, the recount does not show a rigging by Dominion.


The fact is that ballot harvesting did occur. Ballots were not rejected anywhere at a near-normal rate. Pennsylvania and Nevada both allowed questionable signatures. Pennsylvania didn’t care what the date was.

Unfortunately, once the ballot is separated from the ballot, it is too late to check for fraud concerning signatures and dates. Officials in Pennsylvania will not allow Republicans to check signatures in those cases where the envelopes are preserved.

That is a fraud, but it might not fly in a court of law.


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Sunset Parade For A Banana Republic
Sunset Parade For A Banana Republic
3 years ago

Time for a divorce no matter what happens. Let the comrades have their police free easy living utopias where everyone is equal and exactly the same.
We’ll wave middle fingers at the cosmopolitan enlightened beings as they ride past on the NYC to Hawaii bullet (thoughtcrime) train.