As Our Border Is In Crisis, Durbin & Graham Look at Amnesty


The Senate Judiciary Committee is having its first immigration hearing in months. You probably think it’s to consider the border crisis, but no, they are looking into something far more important: giving amnesty.

Do you still doubt Democrats are taking in the world’s anonymous, unvetted people, including the riff-raff, to get that one-party rule?

They will begin with a hearing about the need to pass an amnesty for “Dreamers.”

Talk of amnesty increases the illegal border surges. Additionally, it won’t end there. They’ll give everyone amnesty. It’s only a matter of time.

Sens. Dick Durbin and Lindsey Grahmensty introduced the Dream Act of 2023. More chaos, more cartels, terrorists, child rapists, thieves, drunks, deadbeats, and God knows what else.

Giving amnesty to “dreamers” alone would tilt the vote to Democrats in swing states.

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