KJP: “The President is going to let the Trump tax cuts to expire”


A reporter asked the historic KJP if Biden was really going to let the Trump tax cuts expire.

“The president said he wants to let the Trump tax cuts expire. If that law expires, it will raise taxes on almost every American. Does he still support that expiring without anything else in place?”

KJP answered with her usual uninspired response. “The president is going to allow the Trump tax cuts to expire. He was very clear. But he will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000/year…It’s going to expire for the wealthy.”

“The president can’t pick and choose which parts of the law sunsets.,” said the reporter. “The entire law will sunset, and the Tax Foundation says that someone who’s married, has two kids, and is making $85,000 would pay $1,700 more in taxes. That’s somebody under $400K—”

Listen to her response, which was unenlightening but typical.

This will also hit small businesses, leading to their raising prices and more inflation. CATO had analyzed the Republican tax reform bill and concluded, “The bill provides even larger percentage cuts for middle earners than previous versions of the legislation.”

Cutting the taxes will raise taxes on almost everyone, but they need money for all the New Americans who never earned a penny.

The administration is strangling the middle class. He’s killing everyone from every which way to Sunday.

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