Meet the Nation’s Top Economic Adviser – This Is Not Satire


The following video is not a Deepfake. It is a clip of an interview with Biden’s top economic adviser, Jared Bernstein. His background for this top economics position is a BA in double bass and an advanced degree in social work.

[Keep your sense of humor]

Watch the video if you don’t believe it after reading the transcript.

“The government can’t go bankrupt because we can print our own money,” said Jared Bernstein, Chair of Biden’s Economic Council. In other words, he is Biden’s chief economic adviser.

“So, why does the government even borrow?” asked the interviewer.

“Well, the, so, the, I mean, again, some of this stuff gets, some of the language that the, umm, some of the language and concepts are just confusing. I mean, the government definitely prints money, and it definitely lends that money, which is why the government definitely prints money, and then it lends that money by, by selling bonds. is that what they do?

“Umm, yeah, I guess I’m just, I don’t, I can’t really talk,” the Chief Economic Adviser continued, answering his own question such as it is.

“I don’t, I don’t get it. I don’t know what they’re talking about, like because, it’s like the government clearly prints money. it does it all the time, and it clearly borrows. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this debt and deficit conversation. so I don’t think there’s anything confusing there.”

Just to add my two cents. This is what authoritarians do when they are turning the nation into a communist country. They hire all the most incompetent people to ruin everything.

While the Titanic is going down, he could play some music in double bass.

Watch it to believe it, and Jared, stick to double bass:

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