As US Borders Remain Open, Israel Releases Video of Oct 7


While our borders are wide open and over five million young, military-age men, many from terror countries, have entered, look at what happened in Israel. This could easily happen to us, and no one is doing a thing about it.

In a 45-minute compilation of Hamas, bodycam video of the slaughtering of Jews on October 7.

Hamas gunman brags to family about “killing ten Jews” in audio of phone call found by Israeli officials as they reveal new clips of slaughter, including terrorist using a grenade to kill a father in front of his two sons.

A terrorist used a Jewish woman’s phone to ring his parents and boast he “is a hero” for slaughtering Jewish people.

One monster threw a grenade at a father with his sons being covered in his blood. One child appeared to have lost his eye, reports The Atlantic. The children ran to their kitchen, wailing for their mother, fearing for their lives, as their father’s murderer came in and demanded water.

The video was so horrific it almost caused one viewer to be sick.  The journalists who viewed it were horrified.

It can happen in the USA because we know they’re here, and millions more have come. This could be our children and grandchildren.

This isn’t incompetence. They know what they are doing. They know it goes to Hamas when they give $100 million to Gaza. Hamas isn’t giving it to the poor people in Gaza. We’re funding terrorists.

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