Sen. Graham Tries to Kick a Reporter Out Over Rep. Tlaib


Newsmax Jerusalem journalist Daniel Cohen asked Sen. Lindsay Graham about Rep. Rashida Tlaib‘s tweet blaming Israel for the hospital attack. The tweet is still up even though the jihadis set off the bomb that misfired. They meant to kill more Israelis.

Mr. Cohen began by saying he is grateful for the support for Israel and thanked the politicians on the stage.

“My family lives here …,” he said. “I know many people were sent from the United States, and there’s international press from around the world, and I heard every single one of you voicing your support for Israel fervently, stridently, and I heard that, and I received that into my heart, and so on behalf of my family and people, I’m an American and an Israeli citizen, I say thank you.

“But it starts at home, and I’d like to ask any Democrat senator here that would like to speak to Rashida Tlaib. She still has a tweet up condemning Israel for a hospital attack and…”

Graham: “Stop,” shouted Uniparty spokesperson Lindsey Graham, pointing his open hand at Mr. Cohen, “it’s no, stop…”

Cohen said, “It’s a good question, Senator Graham….”

Graham: “We are here together [as the Uniparty], not to talk about the problems at home, which are many…”

Cohen again stated the obvious, “It’s a fair question…”

Graham said, “I have my own view of what to say, and you’re not going to screw this up.”

Cohen: “I’m not trying to screw up”…

Graham: “Get this guy out of here now. Let me tell you…”

Cohen: “I’m an Israeli. I want an answer to the question.”

Graham: “I’m an American and…”

Cohen: “I am, too.”

Graham: “And I believe in free speech [hahaha]. I don’t believe what the Squad has to say at all, but I came here with Democrats and Republicans to let everybody in the world know: don’t judge every Democrat by the Squad, and don’t judge every Republican by some of the things you hear. …the house …they’ll get their act together, but we need to do our job. We need to do our job in the Senate. We need to pass a bill that will help Israel – help Ukraine – that’s at least what I think. I think…”

Then he must have realized that he showed his true colors and apologized sort of. “I’m sorry, my friend. I probably shouldn’t have said it, but my nerves are raw right now.”

Don’t get in the way of Lindsey Graham spending money and protecting his Democrat friends.

This is the Tlaib tweet, and it is still up. She’s lying to her 1.4 million followers. That is no small matter, to say nothing of the fact that she is friends with suspected terrorists.

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