Ashli Babbitt was shot because she wore a backpack


When a police officer, especially a white officer, kills a black person, s/he is held to an impossibly high standard. Riots ensue, and the media persecutes the officer before any evidence has been heard. The officer’s name is plastered everywhere as the media puts the officer on trial and almost always finds the officer guilty.

In the case of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed in the Capitol riot of January 6th, no one is allowed to know a thing. There are several videos of the shooting. They show a black man deliberately closing in on Ashli Babbitt and then shooting her as she climbed head down through broken glass in a door leading to the Chamber.

We don’t know the officer’s name or anything about him or the investigation that exonerated him.

If you look at the videos, it looks like a cold-blooded murder. The officer, a Lieutenant, apparently said he thought she might have a bomb in her backpack. There were two bombs planted near the Capitol the night before.

As it happens, all that was in Mrs. Babbitt’s backpack was a scarf and a sweater.

The officer also said that he could not see the officers behind her coming to clear the area. All he saw were oncoming officers.

He couldn’t see the officers, but he could see Ashli’s backpack. He didn’t call for backpack.


Here is another video:

Here is the video slowed by 50%:

Another clip:

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Daniel Silvan
Daniel Silvan
2 years ago

Wow, they are really reaching aren’t they? They have no defense. His low life lawyer has even called the murderer a “brave hero”. True justice is badly needed here.

The Duke Of NY Arrives at Barricade
The Duke Of NY Arrives at Barricade
2 years ago

Note to self-ditch backpack plan for Mad Max/EFNY hybrid utopia. (sarc)
Is it really because she wore white skin? (racist!)
Just saying because you can feel the unity out on the fruited plan with outright hostility from certain comrades and any weak members of the herd are viewed as prey no matter what age or gender (genderist!).

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

I still have to question the shooting because as pointed out in another site, the shooter’s hand moves up and to the left just before he fires. And the video in this story appears to have been taken by a different source and appears more so that the shooter fired away from Ashli and I still question the shooting. What gives?