Comrade god king Joe managed to give a speech that was both boring and scary



Andrea Widburg wrote an excellent piece at American Thinker about dementia Joe’s “scary, boring, and bizarre address to the nation.”  The Left — and Greta Van Susteren — are lauding it and it’s as if half of us live in an alternative universe. Half of us agree with Andrea.

She made nine points which we covered at The Sentinel, but which she expressed so well. The following is more of a commentary on what she picked out:
  1. Biden made it through the speech with eyes scarily wide open. But he became tired at the end and “slurred his words.” We have a president who can barely make it through a 20-minute speech, but let’s all pretend he’s fine.
  2. The speech was boring and scary at the same time, Widburg says. So true. It was a “grim” and “depressing” speech predicting a “miserable year.” However, it’s no different from what he said when he ‘campaigned.’
  3. He wandered around every point, never making any except to say you have to tell the truth and he will tell the truth, which is a joke since he never does. But let’s all pretend he and that press secretary of his aren’t accomplished liars.
  4. Biden talked about “Vicious hate crimes against Asian-Americans who have been attacked, harassed, blamed, and scapegoated” during the speech, deceitfully suggesting Trump caused it because he called the China Virus, ‘the China Virus.’ The attackers are Black people, not Trump supporters. As Widburg says, “What nobody on the left admits is that Blacks have long been hostile to Asians.”
  5. Widburg notes: Biden opened with a nasty swipe at Trump: “A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked — denials for days, weeks, then months.” That is untrue. Trump did plenty, including declaring it a pandemic on January 31st and closing down travel from China, to which Biden said it proved he was ‘xenophobic.’
  6. Widburg writes, “Speaking of vaccines, one of the nastiest things about Biden’s speech was his repeated emphasis on how spectacularly his administration had acted with regard to producing and distributing vaccines.  This ignored entirely that it was Trump who supercharged their production and distribution.  The entire speech was a perfect of example of damnatio memoriae — that is, the cancelation of Trump’s memory as if he never existed”.
  7. This next one was my favorite. It’s where comrade Joe tells us we all have to get the vaccine but that won’t mean we have our freedom back. However, if we’re good and do as we’re told, we might be able to do some mingling in the backyard with some vaccinated or previously COV-ill people in our family. Isn’t that nice of our god-king Joe? Watch this:

  8. Widburg says this was the scariest thing to her: “Fourth, in the coming weeks, we will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do once fully vaccinated to lessen the confusion, to keep people safe, and encourage more people to get vaccinated.” It’s scary because the federal government is tightening the noose on our freedoms, to which I say Go To Hell.
  9. Lastly, he wouldn’t answer questions. Of course, he wouldn’t. He’d probably get angry and he’d definitely say something proving the Twitter trending ‘Dementia Joe’ has merit.
This clip is good. It’s where Tucker compares him to Leonid and ‘late Soviet:’

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2 years ago

If people have ever been around an Alzheimer’s person and I have, they sundown at a certain time of day and they don’t come back later in the evening. I have no idea how they are managing him because they also get angry at certain times. Heavily medicated with all his health issues, from brain surgery and the list goes on.

Lee van Kleef for Lee Jeans
Lee van Kleef for Lee Jeans
2 years ago

Our external “allies” got a huge belly laugh out of it and had to wipe tears from their cheeks.
Enjoy it union über alles and burn it all down comrades because the new management will show you what real oppression is.
Utopia? Bwahaha! Slit trenches, sandals made from old tires, rat kebabs, law of the jungle, rolling shootouts, and the precious indispensable equality of results for all comrades of the unity collective.