Asian Male, Huu Tran Murdered 10 People with an Illegal Gun


Lai Lai killer

The tragic massacre of ten innocent people and the wounding of at least ten others in Monterey Park is resolved with the suicide of the Asian male who committed the crimes. Killer, Huu Can Tran was cornered by police about 25 miles from the crime scene and killed himself. He saved people from a painful trial.

Before the killer escaped, he was met by a courageous young man who runs the Lai Lai Ballroom. The hero Brandon Tsay managed to wrestle the gun away from Tran, saving countless lives.

Tragically no one in the crowd had a legal firearm to take out this maniac. Thank California’s strict gun control laws – the toughest in the nation. In today’s Democrat-run lawless towns and cities, legal firearms are essential.

Monterey Park is a city of about 61,000 people with a large Asian-American population, and the evening’s Lunar New Year festivities were scheduled to end at 9 p.m., reported the Wall Street Journal. Monterey Park is outside of Los Angeles.

The killer, Huu Can Tran, was planning another massacre but no longer had the gun.

Even though the area is Asian and the people in the ballroom were Asian, social media troublemakers said it was undoubtedly a white supremacist killer.

The killer is allegedly 72 years old. The people in the ballroom were older, and no children were reportedly shot so far. The gun he used is illegal, as per California laws.

The problem isn’t the weapon of choice. The problem is in our societal problems and the lack of attention to mental illness. Let’s not forget the weak crime enforcement policies of the Left.


Democrats only allow criminals weapons. And then let them off scot-free. They help people like Huu Can Tran commit crimes with their policies, which is why our major cities are hellholes.

The Twitter Leftists went wild all weekend, blaming Donald Trump, the NRA, and the GOP for murders committed by an elderly Asian man.

Andy Ngo posted on Twitter: Democrats focused on the mass shooting in Monterey Park, Calif. hoping that it was racially motivated (it’s not) while ignoring the violent attempted uprising last night in Atlanta where #Antifa & far-left extremists came equipped with explosives to overthrow the city’s police.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

A. Strict gun controls d not protect the innocent, they enable criminals and other madmen.
B.” Even though the area is Asian and the people in the ballroom were Asian, social media troublemakers said it was undoubtedly a white supremacist killer.”
Even in cities with a majority black population, the liberals want to blame whites for black on black crime. Their mantra of ‘whites are racists and blacks are not’ must be maintained if for no other reason than to tie blacks to the liberal (and actually truly racist) Democrat Party.

1 year ago

Interesting that the Media points out he was an Asian Male. If he was Black, they would be silent on the issue!