Media Ignores GA Domestic Terrorists or Calls Them Peaceful Protesters


We heard a lot about the horrific massacre in Monterey Park, and without any evidence, social media lit up with tales of a white supremacist killer. Most of the national media completely ignored the violence of domestic terrorists in Atlanta, Georgia, calling them peaceful protesters.

As it turned out, the killer in Monterey Park was a 72-year-old unhinged Asian. Yet, most media and social media leftists ignored the horrendous violence in Atlanta over Cop City.

The story of the Monterey Park massacre will likely disappear, and the national media will continue to ignore the Antifa violence in Atlanta.

Last week, one of the Antifa terrorists, armed with explosives and guns, who call themselves ‘Defend the Forest’ protesters, opened fire on the police. The police shot back, and one died. The dead shooter’s mother and his allies blamed the police.

Several went to Atlanta and became extremely violent, damaging businesses, attacking police officers, and overturning police cruisers, then setting them on fire.

The domestic terrorists don’t want a facility – cop city – for police and firefighters built in the forest (or anywhere).

Here are the six arrested in Atlanta:
6 protesters arrested in downtown Atlanta (Top, L-R) Francis Carrol, Madeleine Feola, Nadja Geier. (Bottom L-R) Ivan Ferguson, Graham Evatt, Emily Murphy.

Ironically, the media repeatedly referred to them as “peaceful protesters.” Antifa radicals are not protesters. By their own admission, they are violent, communist anarchists trying to overturn our government.

A so-called ‘protest’ in Atlanta turned violent on Saturday as so-called ‘demonstrators’ set a police car on fire and smashed windows of buildings.

The people under arrest screamed, “I can’t breathe’ as police detained them – despite clearly being able to breathe.”

It’s a typical communist ploy to get media attention to their phony cause.

The Antifa ‘marchers’ gathered to ‘protest’ the killing of an activist who was trying to kill police during a raid to clear the autonomous zone dubbed ‘Cop City.’

The media and social media seem afraid to talk about how dangerous these communists are or even label them. The communists themselves will tell you what they are. It seems as if our media supports communists. These radicals are often drug-addicted, mentally ill, and perverted in some way. They make for useful idiots of the larger movement toward the hard left.

Why won’t the media tell the truth?

Watch this absurdly ridiculous excuse maker on fake news CNN:

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
10 months ago

When a leftist Antifa or BLM shoots someone, democrats and their media call that peaceful.

When a republican peacefully walks into a building of which the guards opened the doors, he gets thrown in prison and gets treated worse than a muslim terrorist.

How long can a nation function when one half of the population is above the law ????

10 months ago

As long as they riot in Liberal Democrat run cities, I don’t care. The Media can call it a mostly Peaceful Protest if they like. When they come to a Conservative City they will run the risk of being target practice; a big risk!

10 months ago

Disgusting! Same old garbage from the lying media.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
10 months ago

Antifa with weapons and smashing heads= peaceful protestors not murdering savages with serious mental problems.
Protestors with signs demanding an end to the murder of already 63,000,000 innocent American children in their mothers’ wombs=rabid murdering terrorists.

Liberal tactic: call opponents something hideous that is really one’s own description. Lying, cheating (especially in elections) is GOOD, law and order constitutional governing is VERY BAD.