Astro-Turf War: Weak College Admins, Radical Profs, Useful Idiots


After reading the AP report, some colleges in the U.S. appear to respond poorly to the alleged pro-Palestine/Hamas protesters. They are pleading with them to clear out tent encampments.

Pleading feeds into the problem. This uprising is a well-planned astro-turf revolt by antifa and communists. Radicals are transported in, and many are not students. As for the radical Islamists, they have been involved with these ‘protests’ for years. They are a focus now, but the same useful idiots, funders, and ultimate cause propelled this behavior as in past revolts.

Some students at UT and Columbia were arrested, but one of three communist front groups bailed them out. Columbia is suspending some students.

Dozens of law enforcement officers quickly greeted protesters who returned to the University of Texas at Austin on Monday. Six were arrested, and others were taken into custody.

Officers used pepper spray after a group of protesters blocked the path of a police van carrying demonstrators who were arrested. The crowd backed away but continued to block the exit from campus. Officers then used two flash-bang explosives to clear a path so the van could leave.

Columbia began suspending students after activists defied a 2 p.m. deadline to respond to the ultimatum. That was Columbia’s third ultimatum.

Columbia was the first institution struck by protests in support of the Palestinian/Hamas cause, with students demanding that the school divest from investments that support weapons manufacturing and Israel amid the backdrop of the Israel-Hamas war. Protests spread quickly last week on campuses from coast to coast, resulting in mass arrests and crackdowns. Students broke windows to begin the day.

Spreading the revolts throughout campuses was the plan.


More than 100 Princeton faculty and post-docs signed a letter demanding the university reinstate and expunge the records of two graduate students who were arrested for trespassing while participating in the radical pro-Hamas protest.

The open letter released on Saturday reads: “This repressive action, undertaken at the behest of the University administration, constitutes a grave threat to freedom of speech, dissent, and assembly on the Princeton campus.”

An activist group called “Princeton Israeli Apartheid Divest” claims two graduate students, Hassan Sayed and Achinthya Sivalingan, were arrested for trespassing and “evicted” on Thursday. A Princeton University spokesperson confirmed that two graduate students had been arrested for trespassing and immediately barred from campus, pending a disciplinary process, but have not been evicted from university-owned housing.

Expunging their records would be the exact wrong thing to do. This petition is what you get when you only hire radical leftists to teach the youth, and no moderates to temper their radicalism.


George Washington University students are into their fifth day of pro-Hamas protests and encampments Monday as police barricades were breached late Sunday night into Monday morning.

According to a statement from the university, protesters from an encampment adjacent to the campus “breached and dismantled” the police barriers used to secure University Yard early Monday morning.

The group included nearly 200 protesters from across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

This is an egregious violation of community trust and goes far beyond the boundaries of free expression and the right to protest,” the statement read. “The university will use every avenue available to ensure those involved are held accountable for their actions.”

Social media video shows a rush of demonstrators breaking through the bike rack-style barricades set up near the encampment. A drum is beating, there is chanting, and some protestors kick or jump on barriers—police attempt to push back or hold on as the barriers are moved.

When you hear the bongos, you know it’s the communists imitating the 1960s radicals.

They defaced George Washington.

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