Trump Held in Contempt as Trial of the Absurd Begins Week 3


Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial, created without an underlying crime, continues today. A Federal campaign finance misdemeanor is being tried as if it were a state felony case. There is no predicate for this case.

The criminal trial is based on charges of falsifying business records in the first degree, which is typically considered a misdemeanor. The Manhattan District Attorney created a separate legal theory—that the alleged falsification of records was done “in furtherance of another crime.” Prosecutors say the crime was a conspiracy to undermine the integrity of the 2016 election.

Judge Merchan will not allow Donald Trump to bring in any campaign finance experts to defend his case. However, he will allow the prosecutor to bring up the fraudulent Letitia James and E. Jean Carroll cases.

The fix is in. They wouldn’t even tell the defense who the first witness would be.

Prosecutors intend to call Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to the stand to testify on the alleged payments. He has been considered a star witness. However, Cohen, in 2018, pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, making false statements to Congress and tax evasion. He was sentenced to three years in prison as a convicted liar.


The former has been illegally silenced with a gag order preventing him from defending himself.

Judge Juan Merchan found Trump in contempt for violating his gag order. Merchan has fined Trump $9,000.

On Thursday, the judge will hold a second hearing about Trump’s alleged additional violations of a gag order. The former president has continued to defend himself in his trials. Judge Merchan has already threatened Mr. Trump with imprisonment.

The judge’s adult daughter is a Democratic fundraiser for Adam Schiff, the Biden-Harris duo, and other Democrats. She is making money from this trial. Trump cannot mention her, Michael Cohen, other witnesses, court staff, jurors, prosecutors, and others connected to the case.

The goal is to slap as many charges on him as possible to influence the November election.

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