Asylum Seeker in London Suspected of Carrying Out a Terror Attack



An asylum seeker in the United Kingdom has been arrested on suspicionsof carrying out a terrorist attack. Not exactly suspicion since he confessed to it and said he did it for Palestine. There are very few details.

According to The Telegraph.

An asylum seeker bent on avenging deaths in Gaza has carried out a suspected terrorist attack in Britain, The Telegraph can disclose.

The public has not been told that the man, who came to the UK in 2020, told police he had done it for “Palestine.”

MPs said on Friday night that the public had a right to know, amid warnings that demonstrations this weekend could encourage so-called lone-wolf terrorist attacks.

The world is on high alert for such attacks after the United States issued a “worldwide caution” to its citizens to be extra vigilant wherever they live.

The report noted that “the details that can reported are highly restricted for legal reasons,” but the suspect “said after his arrest that he had done it because Israel had killed children in Gaza.”

They are on high alert, but the information about potential terror attacks wasn’t shared.

There have been several attacks across Europe since Hamas and Gazan civilians committed genocidal atrocities on mostly Jewish families and some soldiers in southern Israel on October 7. Nearly 1400 or more Israelis were tortured and slaughtered.

The first occurred in France during the “Day of Rage” called by a former Hamas leader shortly after Israel launched a counterattack against Hamas.

A Jewish teacher died in Arras, France, after a reported asylum seeker shouted “Allahu akbar!” and went on a stabbing rampage. Two others, including a security guard, were gravely wounded. The attacker was taken into custody.

An Israeli diplomat in China was also stabbed on the same day. He survived the attack.

There was an attack in Belgium by an ISIS terrorist who shot two Swedish tourists. He was supposed to be deported two years before, but a Belgian official blocked it.

The global communist movement is behind riling up the pro-terrorist supporters. In Seattle, they’re marching with their communist flags. Communist Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been present at most of the protests today throughout Europe and major US cities.
In London, the speaker at the massive protest was calling for military leaders to mobilize armies of Muslims to assist the Mujahideen in so-called Palestinian territories.

What strikes me about this is we have more than five million single, military-age men who poured into our country through the southern border—many of those come from Middle Eastern countries.

And the Queers for Palestine groups really need to listen to this guy since they’ll be among the first slated for execution:

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