At least 700 Afghans walked away from military bases & $$$


There are at least 50,000 Afghans who have no reason to be here except the administration decided to evacuate them and bring them over with almost no chance they can be vetted.

Since then a female soldier was assaulted at Fort Bliss and two Afghans were arrested at Fort McCoy, one for assaulting young girls, and another for beating his wife. An unknown number of older men have come with children, claiming they are their brides.

And now Afghan evacuees are just walking away. At least 700 simply walked away from military bases here in the United States. Many are leaving before they receive resettlement services and benefits, according to two Reuters’ sources.

They have vanished into the interior. These savvy people disappeared without the money and advantages of resettlement.

Frontpage Magazine has some suggestions as to why they would disappear:

  1. They aren’t who they say they are.
  2. These people are trafficking young girls.
  3. The runaway Afghans are terrorists

Reuters viewed a document, entitled “Departee Information,” that is meant to warn Afghans considering leaving before completing their resettlement. It reminds them that, on base, they can get their immigration paperwork processed and even cash to help pay for travel to their destination in the United States.

So why would these folks walk away from cold hard cash?

Some terrorists who come in are simply here to influence our politics and culture. Not all of them want to bomb anything.

The spending bill will allow countless, anonymous Afghans to come into the US and get legal status over the next year. They can come from anywhere in the world, and get endless welfare and other benefits. No vetting will be necessary since there won’t be records available.

This is a recipe for disaster. Thank a Democrat.



  1. With Afghans it was all about the money. They worked for the US because we were better paymasters than the Taliban. Unless we left a vibrant economy, Afghanistan was always going to fail. That failure started back in the Bush 43 days. There was never an exit plan. At least President Trump was looking at a Germany/Japan model with the Military having a presence until the Afghans could hopefully work something out. American Mining companies could have made a future in Afghanistan and a lot of the money would have stayed there. The problem is the Globalist like the Chinese Slave labor model better then the American Capitalist Middle-Class model.

    Don’t think the Afghans won’t turn on America in a heartbeat if they get a better deal. With them it’s about the tribe, not the Country.

  2. “So why would these folks walk away from cold hard cash?”

    They don’t need money because ‘someone’ made them an offer and will keep them up? Maybe they’ll blow up a few buildings in exchange? Besides, the government freebies will house, feed, & educate them (no vetting required!).

    • No Experience Needed, No Boss Over iil Your FD Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots Open…

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